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Incredible dye fixative for most cotton fabrics and fabrics dyed with Procion H and MX dyes. Greatly diminishes or stops bleeding of colored fabrics. Use with new clothing or on new fabrics to assure safe future washing. Also use after tie-dyeing or steam setting silk items to assure that the colours are permanently fixed.
We've actually finding good results with indigo and many other "unknown" dyes too. Test before using with these dyes.

Instructions: Estimate amount of water needed to cover cotton fabric. Fill sink or bucket to this level with HOT (160oF) water. Add 1 teaspoon Raycafix per yard of fabric. Soak for 5 minutes. DO NOT AGITATE! use cool water to rinse and dry at once.

After Care: After fabric has been treated with Raycafix, subsequent laundering should be with warm water.

Safety: Use with care. Wear gloves during use. May be harmful if swallowed. Potential eye irritant and may burn skin. Contains Methyl Alcohol. Splashes should be flushed with water. Consult physician if irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children.

 120 mL $5.25
 500 mL  $18.00
1.0 L $31.00


Print Directly onto Fabric with your Ink Jet Printer using Raycafix

We’ve had a lot of success using our Raycafix Dye Fixative to solve stubborn dye run off from Procion MX and H dyes, Acid Dyes, natural dyes and many more “unknown dyed” garments.

Last year we started to experiment using Raycafix as a prewash to see if it’d hold directly printed fabric using an ink jet or bubble jet computer printer. At the time there were available solutions from other manufacturers but we thought we’d “play around” with Raycafix given the lower costs.

We actually had decent successes so we kept passing out our little secret for more and more people to try.

This technique is geared towards quilters given the limitations on size for home printers, but you can be creative for applique also.

1) Prewash Fabric with TNA Soap to remove any dirt and sizing which prevent the colours from reaching the fibers. You can hand or machine wash, but you’ll find hand washing a lot faster given the size of the pieces you print.

2) Cut the fabrics into pieces up to the maximum size your ink jet or bubble jet printer can handle (8”x11”)

3) Mix 2 tablespoons of Raycafix to every cup of hot water.

4) Soak your fabrics for 5 minutes. Remove and hang to dry. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

5) Iron your fabric and then iron the fabric pieces directly to the wax side of freezer paper.

6) Place one sheet at a time in your printer and press “PRINT”

7) After printing, peel off freezer paper and iron the fabric for 1 minute.

8) Soak again in a weaker Raycafix solution (1 Tbsp per 4.0L hot water) for 5 minutes.

9) Remove and hand wash immediately with TNA soap. Hang to dry.
You’re now ready to use your fabrics in your next masterpiece.