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Pebeo is a French manufacturer of premium art supplies. We carry eight products from their textile design line along with a few accessories and brushes. If you wish to download and print your own coloured sales brochure, click on the PDF download link on the right of each product line. Acrobat Reader required.

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Sales Pamphlet in PDF (400K)


Sun Printing

One of the most popular uses for Setacolor Transparent. This is a particularly simple process performed in the Paciic Islands to decorate pareos. Setacolor Transparent reacts to the sun!

Prepare the masks, then the colour by mixing one volume of paint with 2 volumes of water

All types of masks can be used: feathers, wire netting, pre-cut cardboard, flowers and leaves. The heliographic (sun printing) and salt techniques can be combined. .

Moisten the fabric and stretch it on a frame or lay it on the ground in the sunshine. Apply the paint to the fabric with a sponge or spray bottle. You can also apply the fabric by dipping it in a paint bath and then wring it out (very messy). Immediatly place the masks ontop of the fabric and allow to dry in the sun. .

If there is no sun, good results will be obtained by using an ultra-violet or infrared lamp.

Examples - note how the object/mask image is bleached or lighten on the fabrics after being exposed to the sun.

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Pebeo Marbling Colours (9 colours) are professional pigments which produce unrivalled colour in an easy to use non-toxic system.

It involves a thickening powder for the preparation of the bath with 9 colours and with heat fix. Colours are intermixable but must be pre-mixed prior to be being used in the tray with the thickening solution.

45mL $7.50 / each jar or $60.00 for all 9 colours

 1 - Lemon Yellow  2 - Vermilion  3 - Bengal Pink
 4 - Ultramarine Blue  5 - Cyan  6 - Emerald Green
 7 - Sienna  0 - White  9 - Black

*08 Red Ochre has been discontinued

For full instructions go to the Marble page

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Gutta, also known as Resist, is used to control the flow of dyes in silk painting. One usually draws the outline of the image with gutta using a brush, an applicator bottle or through screen printing. When applying the gutta, take care that the gutta penetrates the fabric completely. If it doesn't the dyes will flow past the gutta lines. After applying the gutta, you paint within the lines and allow the dyes to bleed upto the gutta. The dyes will stop flowing upon hitting the line.

WATER BASED GUTTAS (also see G&S Waterbased Resist)

The line of water base guttas offers pearl and brilliant colours (clear + 11 colours). Made of pigments and heat fixable resins, the colours soak through the fibre of the fabric without spreading. Freshly applied or dried, the guttas are easy to work with. Once fixed by ironing, or steamed, the water based guttas are permanent.


  • easy to apply from the tube (no need to purchase an extra applicator)
  • wide range of colours that can be fixed as opposed to solvent colours
  • leaves very little residue compared to solvent
  • although smaller packaging it allows you to purchase a wider range of colours and choice with same amount of money
  • cheaper to use if you only need clear gutta


  • is more expensive to use if you require a large amount of any of the colours.
  • black is not as black as solvent guttas
  • clear gutta is quite weak in holding back dye on "wet-on-wet" techniques

see all our Blocking Agents

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Recently improved fabric markers. The "+" designates this. These are great for touch ups on all your painting jobs. They do not require any ironing to fix (FYI - still recommended). They are a great way to introduce silk painting to younger ones, when they find a pen more comfortable than a brush. NOTE: These markers bleed on silk but not on cotton. NEW COLOURS ADDED: BROWN, FLuo Yellow, FLUO orange, FLUO blue, FLUO green, FLUO purple , and FLUO pink.

Eighteen colours @ $4.75/each or $67.95 for a set of 18 colours.
 Yellow  Orange  Blue  Light Blue
 Red  Magenta  Violet  Green
 Light Green  Grey  Black  

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Finger Paints

Simple, fun and safe. An economical safe fabric paint for kids to paint onto t-shirts or bags.







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There are two types of accessories we carry. A tjanting tool ($25.15) and silk pins ($11.95 for 100 pcs)

The tjanting tool is a high quality one hole type with a wood handle and heavy brass reservoir. The weight and design give superior wax flow & control, heat retention and durability.

The silk pins are round, flat, three pronged pin that will not damage the silk as much as push pins when attaching the silk to a frame.

We carry three of Pebeo's brush lines. The Stencil brush, an economical fabric painting brush and economical silk painting brush. Every type of brush is also available for all types of applications. Please specify your needs and I shall be glad to answer back on availablility. go to brush page for our full line of brushes.

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