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Setacolor Soleil
(sun printing)


This page is for information reference only

Setacolor Soleil is a new range of colours for a broader public to decorate pareos, t-shirts or any other light coloured piece of fabric. Cheerful and playful, these stunning and ready to use colours are a marvelous way to easily discover the pleasures of decorating fabric!


Setacolor Soleil colours : transparent, stunning and full of brightness. Can be mixed together. Very good lightfastness.
thinner: water.
cleaning the brushes: with soapy water.
surfaces: all types of fine and light coloured fabric with natural or synthetic fibers.
drying: air dry for 1 hour.
fixing: 2 possibilities : either by ironing for 5 minutes on cotton position on the reverse side of the fabric or in the oven for 5 minutes at 150C (300F)(reached temperature).
caring: once fixed, the colours resist machine washing at 40C (100F) and dry cleaning.


With the ready to use Setacolor Soleil paints, discover a few easy, but spectacular techniques to decorate beautiful pareos, t-shirts ?

For the following techniques, it is recommended to protect your work area with plastic. Spread out your fabric and wet it with water :

Paint with the sun : Apply the colours, without diluting them, using a large brush. Without waiting, place the stencils of your choice. Put out in the sun until completely dry.

Salt technique : Apply the colours, without diluting them, using a large brush. Then, sprinkle some salt and allow to dry. The colours will disperse around the salt creating spark effects.

Tye & Dye ! Fold and tie your fabric, then paint all or part of the fabric with one or more colours of your choice. Allow to dry at least 24 hours. The result will depend on the way you will have folded the fabric. Here are a few ideas:
-Crumple in a ball, then tie with a few rubber bands.
-Separate sections of fabric and wring out the fabric in twists. Then, tie with rubber bands.
-Roll or fold as an accordion. Then, tie with cord as done with a roast.

The Setacolor Soleil colours can be applied on fabric free of sizing and will keep the suppleness of the fabric. To fix the Setacolor Soleil colours, iron on the reverse side of the decorated fabric for 3 minutes on cotton position. It is also possible to put the fabric in the oven : after 5 minutes at 150C (300F), the colours are fixed. Once fixed, the designs resist machine washing and dry cleaning.

17 Lemon Yellow   12 Ultramarine Blue
13 Buttercup   11 Cobalt Blue
21 Orange   30 Turquoise
26 Vermillion   04 Lawn Green
24 Cardinal Red   27 Light Green
49 Fuchsia   05 Fawn
01 Plum   25 Raw Sienna
29 Parma Violet   19 Black

Also available in kits of three colours which include 2 foam brushes
Natural: 13, 27, 30
Lagoon: 11, 4, 12
Indian: 29, 21, 49
Oriental: 26, 13, 24


110 mL $6.50
kits $19.95



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