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Pebeo Setacolor (New colours added!)
fabric paint

Setacolor is a range of concentrated heat fixed colours for decorating fabrics. Particularly vivid and bright, Setacolor colours can be used to paint, stain or print natural or synthetic fibers. After fixing with an iron, they are resistant to washing (in water up to 40°C) and dry cleaning and the fabric retains all of its suppleness.


Setacolor Opaque colours: opaque and covering, vivid and intense. Colours can be mixed together. Excellent lightfastness.
Setacolor Opaque Shimmering colours: opaque and covering, glittering and with iridescent effects. Colours can be mixed together. Excellent lightfastness.
Setacolor Transparent colours: transparent, bright and vivid. More viscous consistency. Colours can be mixed together. Excellent lightfastness. Exclusively for light coloured fabrics.

Thinner: water.
Cleaning the brushes: with soapy water.
Surfaces: all types of fabrics : fine or thick, natural or synthetic fibers.
Drying: air dry for 1 hour.
Fixing: two possibilities : with an iron (cotton position), for 5 minutes, on the reverse side of the fabric; in the oven, for 5 minutes at 150C (300F) (stabilized temperature).
Caring: after fixing, the colours resist machine washing at 40C (100F) and dry cleaning.


Setacolor paints can be used on all fabrics, fine or heavy: cotton, wool, velvet, non-woven and even leather. Ready to use, intense and concentrated, they are used pure or diluted with water to obtain watercolour effects. Setacolor paints are suitable for various techniques.

SETACOLOR OPAQUE (new colours!)

Vivid and bright, the Setacolor Opaque colours have an exceptional covering power to decorate both dark or light coloured fabrics. Their rich texture is especially suited for brush work, stencil work and even silkscreen printing. New colours added! All colours available in 45mL unless otherwise noted.

10 Titanium White*°   83 Olive*  
19 Black Lake*°   84 Blue Jean*  
80 Red*°   85 Lilac  
13 Buttercup*°   86 Sky Blue  
26 Vermillion*°   87 Turquoise  
17 Lemon Yellow*   88 Chocolate*°  
11 Cobalt Blue*°   89 Mole (Taupe)*  
12 Orange   90 Portrait Pink*  
29 Parma Violet°   91 Grey  
81 Raspberry*   92 Fig  
82 Leaf Green*°   93 Cinnamon  
24 Spring Green      
*Available in 250mL   ºAvailable in 1L  



The new Setacolor Shimmering Opaque colours are particularly spectacular! Their rich and deep shades are glittering and have a subtle brightness with changing effects depending on the light. It is not recommended to dilute the shimmering colours in order to keep their brightness. All colours available in 45mL size only unless noted.

63 Shimmer Brick Red   74 DISCONTINUTED
64 Shimmer Oriental Red (250mL available)   47 Shimmer Lt. Copper (250 & 1.0L also)
65 Shimmer Purple (250mL available)   45 Shimmer Gold (250 & 1.0L also)
66 DISCONTINUTED   60 Shimmer Silver (250 & 1.0L also)
67 Shimmer Plum   79 Shimmer Black
69 Shimmer Electric Blue (250mL available)   44 Shimmer Pearl (250 & 1.0L also)
72 Shimmer Bronze    


(new colours!)

The Setacolor transparentcolours are suitable for all techniques to decorate light coloured fabrics. Though lighter in texture than the Setacolor opaque range, they are perfectly suited for brush work, stencil work or silkscreen printing, and are especially appropriate for diluted techniques. The Setacolor transparent paints are light-sensitive and can therefore be used to obtain remarkable effects with sunlight (just mix 2 parts water for one part colour). All colours available in 45mL unless otherwise noted.

17 Lemon Yellow *°   27 Light Green*°  
13 Buttercup *°   04 Lawn Green  
01 Vivid Orange*°   28 Moss Green*°  
24 Cardinal Red*°   14 Velvet Brown  
23 Oriental Red   19 Black*°  
49 Fuchsia*°   31 Fluorescent Yellow  
29 Parma Violet*°   32 Fluorescent Orange  
12 Ultramarine Blue*°   33 Fluorescent Pink  
11 Cobalt Blue*°   34 Fluorescent Green  
30 Turquoise   35 Fluorescent Blue  
*Available in 250mL   ° Available in 1L  


Setacolor can be applied on fabics free of sizing and the decorated fabrics keep their suppleness. To fix the Setacolor colours, iron on the reverse side of the decorated fabric for 3 minutes on cotton setting. It is also possible to put the fabric in a kitchen oven : 5 minutes at 150C (300F) and the colours are fixed. Once fixed, the designs resist machine washing up to 40°C and dry cleaning.


Specially formulated to be used in combination with the Setacolor colours, this new range of auxiliary products allows you to adapt the colours to different techniques and to enlarge the creative possibilities.

Lightener : used to create lighter shades without weakening or thinning the product. Please note that the colours will be less opaque.
Thickener : specially recommended for stencilling or silk-screen printing work. Briskly mix a few drops of thickener with the colour until you obtain the desired consistency.
Expanding relief paste : this spectacular product is used to create dimensional patterns. Bright colours : simply apply the paste with a brush, allow to dry and then apply Setacolor paints as desired. Pastel colours : mix the paste with one of the Setacolor paints, then apply as mentioned above. In both cases, allow to dry, then expand by ironing on the reverse side of the fabric or use a hair dryer.


  Size Price
All Colours 45mL $6.95
Transparent 250mL $24.00
  1.0 L $68.00
Opaque / Shimmer / Glitter / Suede 250mL $26.00
  1.0 L $75.00


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