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express your IMAGE like never before



Transfer your images directly from a colour copier (Canon 500, 700 or 800 series) to fabric in seconds. This is a great product to transfer all your family photos or your favorite pictures or images onto fabric or T-shirts. PAROsingle 's image is transparent so on dark fabrics you may have to use PAROopaque . By being transparent this also allows you to print and overprint other PAROsingle for a layered look. Provides optimum results when used on smooth textured fabrics.

Although the Paro P could be transfered by hand, the washablity does suffer. It was always best to use a heat press.

***NEW IDEA***

Other great uses that were recently discovered was to actually transfer onto handmade paper, wood, metal, or any other semi-smooth and flat objects. We are most excited about the paper since this allows us to put our favorite pictures onto a more natural paper giving the pictures a very warm feeling. The textures from the paper appear through the picture giving it a softer edge. The procedure is the same for fabrics as detailed below.


Place PAROsingle in copier tray, positioned to copy onto the blank side. Align original on copier platen and press COPY or output via computer interface to copier. Use Mirror Image function to ensure a right reading image. NOTE: To produce a more accurate image, decrease toner levels and/or lighten exposure level. With white backgrounds, use the background elimination function or designate no-colour in the colour creation mode. The best machines to run on, are Canon 300/500/700/800 series colour copiers. For all others brands (Xerox, Ricoh, Kodak), please test performance first.

We now have an letter of endorsement from Canon (OE Canada) that Paro P will run successfully with any of their CLC series colour copiers. If you would like a copy, please email us.


Pre-heat iron on low 'cotton' setting. Do not use steam. Place transfer image side DOWN on the fabric. Press iron firmly in one area for 10 - 15 seconds. Move slowly around to another area and repeat till whole image has been covered. Use two hands and body pressure when pressing to achieve maximum pressure. Immediately reheat entire surface with iron, being certain to cover all edges and corners. Peel transfer from garment while HOT. If you are using a heat press, press at 350-375oF for 10-12 seconds and peel immediately.


Inkjet Papers

We are excited to announce our new line of inkjet or bubble jet paper. These papers can easily be fed through most inkjet or bubble jet home printers (HP, Cannon, Apple, Epson, Okidata, etc...). These papers are different from the Paro in that they absorb the ink instead of repel it. After the image is printed, iron as usual. Available as 8x11" or 11"x17"



Opaque Transfers

This is a new paper that you can run through a photocopier OR a home inkjet printer. This is a single sheet solution that allows you to print on dark fabrics. After the image is printed, iron as usual.



PARO P - Each
 SIZE  1-9 sheets  10- 49 sheets  50-99 sheets  100+ sheets
 8.5" x 11"  $1.95  $1.50  $1.25  $0.90
 11" x 17"  $3.25  $2.50  $2.00  $1.65

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Opaque Transfers - Ink Jet or Copier

  SIZE  1-9 sheets  10- 24 sheets  25+ sheets
  8.5" x 11" $4.95 $4.25 $3.95
11"x17" $8.95 $7.95 $6.95
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InkJet Transfer Paper

 8.5" X 11"  1-9 sheets  10- 24 sheets  25+ sheets
  8.5" x 11" $3.25 $2.50 $2.00
11"x17" $5.95 $5.00 $4.00
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