Volume 6, Issue 2
Summer 2001

Textile 101 Workshop

We announced this workshop to our email readers in March and promptly sold out in 2 weeks. This was an exploration of textile design focusing primarily on using dyes. We were very excited since this workshop covered a wide array of techniques that everyone wanted to learn. So back by popular demand we shall be offering an even better workshop on September 21st and 22nd.

This will be a comprehensive two-day dyeing and fabric design course taught by Erin Hickey and myself. Erin has excelled and shown great talent in using a wide range of dyes and paints in the past few years. Experimenting and creating one of a kind fabric for her fashion designs and while working full time as a colour technologist at Zellers. My unique approach to dyeing over the past 10 years has always been with simplifying the processes to make it more fun and approachable.

Combining each of our technical and creative experience, we’ll cover a wide range of topics using dyes and paints. Students will come away with yards of fabrics.

  • immersion dyeing
  • colour mixing
  • working with different fabrics
  • spraying
  • painting
  • sun printing
  • dip dyeing
  • batch dyeing
  • discharging and illuminating
  • cold batik technique
  • arashi shibori

The course will be $195.00 + GST with all materials included. Workshop is held at our Markham store between 10-4 both days. Pre-registration and pre-payment is required. Please call or email for more details and to register. For those less mobile within the city, transportation can be arranged.


Pleasantries aside, let's cut to the chase and get to the reason everyone loves receiving our newsletters is for the SALES. Be sure to mark down your calendar on August 24th and 25th for our 3rd Annual Sale! This is the only time of the year that EVERYTHING we sell is on sale. More details inside! So now that everyone's back from marking their calendar, I can continue with a more personal update on things relating to my life and the company's. G&S Dye is having a great year so far. We've been full of energy and enthusiasm coming off a great workshop season. What started off slowly, ended extremely well with two great Silk Painting and Dyeing Workshops. The first class was Rita Lange's last Advanced Silk Painting workshop before moving to Italy with her family. She's probably at this moment lounging at a cafe, sipping iced tea (doesn't drink coffee) in sunny Venice (can you sense the envy). Although Rita's moved away, we expect to be hooking up with another great teacher next year. Stay tuned! The second class was a new workshop that we offered in June to our email readers and sold out so quickly there weren't spots for our regular "mail" newsletter readers. Erin, our newest employee and I had 2 great days teaching everyone how to dye fabrics. We covered over a dozen different textile design techniques from Shibori, dip dye, immersion dye, tie dye, illuminate painting/printing, poly chromatic printing and many more. It was such a success, we shall be offering the class again in the middle of September. On a personal note, my golfing has improved steadily. I'm finally breaking 100 regularly. For a weekend hacker it's a major milestone. I am on pace to play quite a few rounds this year and this steady improvement sure allows me to enjoy the summer of 2001.

Until next edition




3rd annual


August 24th and 25th, 2001

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