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Newsletter For the Canadian Fibre Artists
Volume 4, Issue 2
Summer 1999

New black Procion MX "BLACK"

Last year in our summer edition of G&S News, I wrote a small article about "recharging" your existing faded black jeans or shirts back to a solid black colour. There are now a lot of happy customers who still have rich dark black jeans a year later. We still get many inquiries about actually dyeing white or light coloured fabrics to black.

G&S currently carry two blacks in our Procion MX line. There’s Black MX708 and Cotton Black MX702. What are the differences and why do we carry two? Our Cotton Black is really a very dark green. If you use less dye, it'll appear like a dark forest or aqua green. From experience this is great for recharging faded black garments. The other Black MX708 used to be red or purplish based. We have just reformulated it to be better and blacker. It is now a blue black. Perfect for dyeing light coloured fabrics to black. After listening to customers, we found that they prefer their garments to be bluish rather than purplish if it is dyed a lighter value.


As I write this message, I cannot help but notice the hype for the new Star Wars movie. I have to admit to succumbing to the hype and have viewed the movie, not once, but twice in the first 24 hours of it’s opening. Now before all my readers wonder where my head has gone, one of my motivations was the costumes. Although the action is fast and furious, it is pretty impossible not to notice the exceptional work. The queen's garments especially stand out as incredible examples of textile design. Even if you don't have any interest in the movie, you still should see it or pick up one of the many pictorials that will be published just to view all the costumes.

For my regular readers know that summer marks the beginning of the golfing, tennis and travelling seasons. Where will the roads take me this year? As in past years, Southwestern Ontario, along with Ottawa, Kingston and Montreal will be sure trips. But where else will I venture? I do hope I find time in August or September to make my first visit to The Maritimes. These trips provide me an opportunity to meet up with friends, relatives and put a face to my many customers. It also allows me to speak at local guilds or even teach workshops along the way. If you wish to "intercept" and book time during these jaunts across the country, please give me a ring to arrange it.


Second Annual One Day Sale
After an incredible response last year to our "One Day Sale", we are happy to announce another one on August 20th (mail order)and 21st (Retail at the Toronto Shop).

This is the one time in the year that EVERYTHING that we sell is on sale at special markdowns.


  • All in-stock books are at least 20% off list prices
  • All Fabrics & Scarves are at least 15% off
  • All dyes and paints are at least 20% off
  • All Accessories are at least 20% off

And many more deals……. For a full list of the items on sale, please contact us between August 16th to the 19th. We'll be glad to fax or email you a list of the discounts offered. If you are currently on our email list, it will be automatically sent. To get on the list, please email me:

As we did last year, mail orders, must be placed on Friday, August 20th ONLY. All orders before or after this day will not qualify for sale prices. For retail purchases, please mark Saturday, August 21st on your calendar. Our Toronto shop will open between 10am to 3pm that day.

We hope that the continued success of this yearly sale will allow us to continue making it an annual tradition.

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