Volume 7, Issue 1
Summer/Fall 2002

Pebeo Setacolor
New Products and Updates

The most exciting news this newsletter is the new product introductions from the Pebeo Setacolor line of fabric paints.

First off is Setacolor TAGGER aerosols. This is their Setacolor Transparent paint in an aerosol application. This is the first such application of a fabric paint that I have come across. I foresee many uses for applying even coats of paint to fabrics, cushions and upholstery.

Applying an even colour may be boring for some people, so here’s an opportunity to express your self spontaneously! Allow for over spray for a soft speckled look! Spray it in even passes and/or alternate colours and let them blend and bleed. I can definitely see people using masks or stencils too.

They come in ten of the more popular Setacolour colours. Packaged in 75mL aerosol cans, they are $12.95 each

  • 17 Lemon Yellow
  • 21 Bright Orange
  • 24 Cardinal Red
  • 49 Fuchsia
  • 29 Parma Violet
  • 12 Ultramarine Blue
  • 11 Cobalt Blue
  • 27 Light Green
  • 04 Lawn Green
  • 19 Black Lake

The second new product at Pebeo is their new SOLEIL line of colours. With the growing interests in Sun Printing, Pebeo has produced and packaged an easier ready-to-use consistency of their Setacolor Transparent paint. By producing


It has been a long while since our last print and email newsletter. I apologize for those missing their news fix and hopefully this edition will make up for the silence. We at G&S Dye definitely haven’t been stagnant in running the business and we have LOTS to announce and talk about. This whole edition will be dedicated to new and improved products. Besides all the new products and services, I think most of our readers are keenly interested in the official announcements of our annual sale (see page 3 for all the details).

On a personal note, I recently returned from a weekend golfing trip to Montreal and Mont Tremblant, Quebec. It was a relaxing drive and the resort was beutiful. We also stopped by our favorite "smoked meat" shop in Montreal (Schwartz). The golfing and weather were perfect on the trip and it made up for all the overtime at work of late.

As some of our customers have noted, we’ve had some staff changes at G&S Dye. Our north Toronto customers will see my smiling mug at the Markham shop on Wednesdays and Thursdays from now on. Taking care of the Toronto store will now be Laura. She recently graduated from OCAD in their textile program and is a welcome addition with her hands on knowledge of the products and enthusiasm. Her main roll will be to improve the retail buying experience while I focus more on the mail order, communications and production side of the business.

We intend over the next year to increase fabric selections along with new dyes & paints. Product quality is my primary focus on the production and supply side. Many improvements have already started to show in the Procion H and MX lines and our newest formulation of Liquid Colours is a success with better shelf life (up to 3 years now) and much better flowing characteristics. Even Pebeo has introduced a lot of new products to their Setacolor line.Until our next newsletter!



a ready-to-use version, they are ensuring higher quality and better-finished results. This is much improved over diluting your own Setacolor Transparent for this technique.

For those who don’t know, Sun Printing is an unique technique where one paints the colours onto the fabric, places leaves, branches and/or various objects onto the fabric while it

dries out in the sun. While drying, the areas covered by the objects will be imprinted onto the fabric.
These are sold in 110mL bottles in 16 colours for $6.50 each. We shall also be stocking 3 colour kits (in 4 different colour

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