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 Volume 4, Issue 1

Spring 1999 


As we race towards the new millennium, it becomes harder and harder to define the retail experience. The advent of e-business and the trend towards outlet and large box shopping has lessened the need for traditional storefronts. G&S Dye may have been quick to adopt new technologies, but the human factor hasn't been lost. We've balanced all these new tools not to decimate traditional human contact but to improve it. Our first piece of technology was the faximile, followed by voice mail, email, message boards and a self sufficient web site. Although some or all of the above may intimidate our customers, we've also added a second location, started G&S NEWS, increased availability of our products locally across the country and added a toll free number to make human contact with us even easier.

I may not be able to predict the future and what it brings, but there are many certainties that I can promise. Listening, helping and providing a human factor in all our transactions has and will be the goal.

Take care and have a great Spring,


There are many trends in fashion. An obvious one is the demand for wearing scarves. Peaking in the late 80's and being revived lately, scarves have always been the first foray into silk painting for many individual artists, crafters and small businesses due to the ease in applying or selling the pieces and acceptance with the public. For the real artist though, scarves may have been easy to sell (pays the bills), but it also limits the value of their work. The perception of a scarf will always be a fashion accessory, no matter how intricate or spectacular the design. It also didn't help the perception when many silk painters treated this more as a business than an art form in the late 80's. The market became flooded with scarves that were slapped together in 5 minutes with no regard to colour or design. It incorrectly taught the buying public that hand painted scarves were of lower value.

So how do artists recoup their time, talents and effort? If one were to frame their good designs, the perception of the silk painting piece would grow to be more "art" than "craft". Traditionally, artists are drawn to silk's sheen, colours and freedom of blending during the painting of the piece (freer than watercolours on paper). These are attractive qualities to the painting of traditional florals, animals and scenic landscapes. Lately though, many of our customers have pushed the envelope of what is considered "traditional" silk painting. I have seen furniture, cars, whimsical scenes, underwater shots, medieval themes and portraits. Some have even received critical acclaim and subsequently financially rewarded. By creating works of art, these artists freed themselves from the typical fashion oriented buyer and opened the market to appeal to businesses, interior designers and art lovers.

My discussion here on creating art isn't to take away from painting of scarves and the practicality of them, but to open opportunities for silk painters who are willing to go further with their work for personal, critical or financial gain. Over the years, I have seen some wonderfully designed scarves that would be better appreciated on a wall than around someone's neck. Silk painting as a business may not be easy, but it is a lot more enjoyable when the rewards in painting original works outweighs the easy sale of a scarf. framing service

framing service

We all know how expensive framing can be, so with the buying power of G&S Dye we are now offering a framing service. Initially, we shall be offering 4 styles of frames in multiple colours. Check out our web site for styles and colours. - continued on page 3 framing - continued from front page Prices: Our framing price includes, two regular mats, glass, stretching, fitting and the frame. We expect to be charging in $2.50-$3.00 an inch depending on the style. - email for details

To calculate the price, take the length plus the width and multiply by $2.50-$3.00.

ie: to frame a 8" x 11" piece of silk 8" + 11" = 19" multiple by $2.50 = $47.50 for the complete frame

introductory special: We shall give you a yard of 8mm Habotai for every frame order (value $6.95) so that you'll have material for your next masterpiece. Offer valid until April 30th.

mailing list

As regular readers, everyone will know now that I've been trying to get all my subscribers to switch to the email version of G&S NEWS. I understand that some of our readers don't have the means or have yet to achieve a comfort level with computers. For those still on the fence, the benefits far out weight the tactile advantage of receiving real mail. Our special sales, free giveaways and extended promotions have been the favorite reasons for switching to email. Also, more regular announcements of new products and the benefits of reading the newsletter in COLOUR off the web. The regular announcements advantage was most pronounced during our big One Day Sale last August. By being reminded, along with receiving sale prices for the sale, 80% of those who took advantage of the sales were email subscribers. So don't miss out on present and future promotions. Switch to email and join the other 1100 readers.

new product info

pre-resisted products

pond hankie 11"x11"


These easy to paint silks are perfect for the beginner who has trouble with resisting or the seasoned painter who can appreciate the intricate designs that would takes hours normally to draw and plan. It allows everyone to enjoy "painting" the colours right away. You can use any of the following to paint with; Setascrib Markers, Liquid Colours, Procion H, Pentel Watercolours or Pebeo Soie Dyes. To see all our pre-resisted items (13 styles)

jones tones foil & plexiglue

After carrying the gold foil for a few months, I came to the realization that there was a cold application method. Just draw a design using a special fabric Plexi-glue (won't stiffen fabrics), wait to dry, rub the foil on the glue and peel. The foil will be transferred. The foils are now available in gold AND silver.

$ 4.95 each 12" x 20" sheet
$ 4.95 30mL Plexi-Glue


basic silk painting frame

A simple 24" square canvas stretcher plus 100 silk pins. This is a great value for those starting to silk paint. It's also great for those limited in space for a large frame or if you constantly work with smaller pieces of silk for framing.

$15.00 complete frame





setascrib plus

To compliment the new pre-resisted scarves, we've re-introduced these fabric markers. When applied to silk they will react like a silk paint and bleed to aid in blending and applying. They are the perfect size for the pre-resisted hankies and cards. Available in 18 colours.

regular: yellow, orange, red, magenta, purple, blue, sky, light green, green, grey, brown, black

fluorescent: yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, purple

$ 3.95 each
$59.95 set of 18 colours


fibre etch

To help you try this amazing burn out chemical, we've changed our packaging to 4 oz (120mL) sizes (formerly 250mL).

$ 9.95 each 120mL bottle


Unknown to our readers, all our sales are private exclusive deals for the readers of G&S NEWS. So this month, we've got more great deals for you to act on.

1) 5mm pongee scarves 8"x63" reg $3.85 now $2.95.

2) jacquard scarves 8"x54" reg $7.50 now $4.95 36"x36" reg $20.00 now $13.50

Pattern on Scarf

3) pebeo setacolor Transparent, Pearl and Opaque 250mL sizes are 10% off. Also, don't forget our every day 5 jar price for 45mL sizes, $5.00 / each (reg $6.50 if purchasing less than 5 jars at a time).

4) linen fabrics

light weight: reg $14.00/yd, now $10.00/yd - white, cream, fuchsia, jade, yellow, marigold, turquoise navy, black

medium weight: reg $17.00/yd, now $12.00/yd - yellow, orange, fuchsia, black lt. green

heavy weight: reg $16.00/yd $ $12.00/yd - white & black All sales end April 30th

online news!

We have incredible news. Our G&S Dye web site has undergone even more changes. As announced last time, we've changed the site address to make it easier to remember and find. Our new web site is:

Along with our easy to navigate menus and newly posted information sheets, "surfing" is now a very enjoyable experience. We even have a calculator to help convert Canadian Dollars to American Dollars for our American friends (Other countries also are available). With the dollar getting cheaper and cheaper lately, many of our products are now significantly cheaper than in the States. The third and most exciting part of the site will be the addition of a message board. Now everyone, customers and curious surfers can meet, converse and exchange a slew of information and discuss on all topics of textile design. Of course, questions can still be directly sent to me at The old email will still work but please change your address book to the above. For those who still prefer the tactile feel of a paper catalogue, you can even download your own copy to print. Our most recent posting is our complete screen printing booklet (over 20 pages).


This has been a great workshop session. Our winter workshops were well attended and with a few hitting their limits 4-6 weeks early. We are extending the season this year's sessions a few more months into June. The following are the available classes.

All classes are at our Markham location * (pick up and drop off at a subway station can be arranged) on Saturdays between 10-4. All materials are included. Prepayment is required and we recommend enrolling at least a month in advance. Please check your calendars before registering as there is NO CANCELLATION once registered. Remember to bring a lunch and to wear comfortable shoes and clothing (be prepared to get dirty).

* Designates an extremely popular workshop. Registering early is recommended.

introduction to silk painting

Dixon Chan - $35.00 + GST = $37.45

March 27, May 8th

A comprehensive introduction to the art of silk painting. We shall introduce framing, dyes/paints used, colour mixing, resist, watermarking, salting, colour blending and steam setting.

advanced silk painting *

Rita Lange - $65.00 + GST = $69.55

June 12th

This course expands on perfecting techniques in control and detail. Techniques covered are blending, watercolor techniques, anti-spreading, thickeners, poly-chromatic printing, and visualization skills. This hands on course will emphasize on techniques rather than finishing a complete project.

dyeing fabrics for quilting *

Dixon Chan - $65.00 + GST = $69.55

May 29th

A Hands on dyeing course for quilters. Learn the proper use of dyes for all types of fabrics, washes, blends, solid colours and gradations, to create one-of-a-kind patterns on fabrics.

marbling on fabrics

Dixon Chan - $50.00 + GST = $53.50

April 10 (changed from March 20th)

Marbling is an ancient printing technique that has recently been revitalized as a unique and easy way of decorating all sorts of fabric. A hands on opportunity to go through different styles of marbling. We shall cover preparation, inks, equipment, fabrics, paper and control.

screen printing & heat transfers

with Dixon Chan - $250.00 + GST

Private workshop for up to 3 students, please call for booking a date. We cover up to date processes adopting multiple stencil making techniques, screens, exposing, preparation, printing techniques, and photo copy transfers. We shall also provide information on setting up your own printing shop for T-shirts or yardage. Bring photos, images, objects or anything you would like to print. G&S News - Spring '99 {date}