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 volume 2, edition 2

Spring 1997



"The snow is clearing, the sun is shining, the weather is warming up,

'aachooooo' damn those allergies"

Spring has arrived! That means more driving and visits to everyone. Last summer I had an open invitation to travel all over to help introduce and run workshops for our products. Requests have continued over the past few months and I am already scheduled to travel all over Southern Ontario this year. I am even planning a trip to Nova Scotia in a couple of months. If you would like to catch me while I am there, please drop me a line.

Till next quarter,




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This edition of the our dyeing article will focus on situations and solutions to specific dyeing concerns. We covered which dyes work with which fabrics last edition, but everyone knows, the world is never ideal. A few of the more common dyeing situations we encounter are bleach stains, fabric blends, synthetic fabrics, different temperatures, oil stains, printed fabrics and different garments.

Bleach Stains: Most bleach stains are difficult to reclaim because any re-dye will also darken the existing garment. Redyeing will diminish the contrast of a white bleach spot to the garment colour but there will always be a slight variation. Most light colours are not a problem to redye over and appear quite unnoticeable. Darker colours usually require you to lighten the whole garment (with bleach or thioureadioxide) first before redyeing because the contrast is too noticeable when you just overdye.

Fabric Blends and Synthetics: Problems that occur are the different fabrics absorbing at different rates. This may cause the weave and weft to be of different shades of the same colour. It is an interesting effect and most people are happy with it. The real concerns arrive when you have synthetic blends. Polyester as we know, does not dye with Procion 'MX' Dyes. If the percentage of polyester is high, the colours will be very faint or look extremely odd with the noticeable white of the polyester showing through. The only synthetics that don't dye easily with 'safe dyes' are polyester and acetate. Nylon is quite dyeable with Country Classics (acid dyes) but if it is mixed with a high percentage of cottons, rayons or linens, it is better to use the Procion 'MX' Dyes instead.

Temperatures: All dyes require some form of heat to activate the dye reactions. The ideal temperature increases the efficiency and yield of the colour. This is very important with Procion 'MX' Dyes. Procion 'MX' Dyes will "burn out" or loose a lot of its strength if dyed at too hot a temperature. The ideal temperature range for most of the colours is 90-105oF. The only colour that requires a higher temperature are turquoise or turquoise based colours. These are usually dyed at 120-125oF. Acid dyes are usually dyed hot at 185oF.

Oil Based Stains: These are a bit different than bleach stains. Bleach removes colour leaving you with a light colour. Stains are usually darker or oil based making it difficult to redye. To fully mask a stain, one has to remove it first. Different cleaners should be tried. I have heard that a product called "DiDi7" is quite effective at removing stubborn stains.

Printed Fabrics: Most fabrics are printed with paints or pigments. Pigments actually surround the fibre. When you dye over a printed fabric, the dye will only dye the fabric leaving the prints alone. Since the fabric is darkened, the print may appear darker depending if the print is transparent (darker) or opaque (same). With transparent inks, the print may also appear a different colour. If the fabric was printed with dyes, the overdye will mix with the print colours and dramatically change the colours. There is really no way to avoid these effects. Printed fabrics should always be tested first.

Different Garments: This is the most complex part of dyeing. Garments ranging from blazers, shorts, skirts, shirts, and pants are all constructed differently. Some items have linings, different weight fabrics, synthetic thread, feathers, heavy interfacing or padding. All these factors affect how well a garment will dye. From experience, heavily constructed items (blazers, overcoats) are the most difficult to dye and should really not be attempted. Also of concern, are fabrics shrinking too much. This causes the seams to pucker. Before attempting any dyeing, plan a bit so that you understand all the factors that can greatly affect your dye job.

The topics covered are only a few of the most common concerns when dyeing. Our simplified instruction sheets simplify many of the variables mentioned but allow us to be inquisitive. By knowing your dyeing needs, we can better serve you and help you achieve a professional end product.

If you have other dyeing concerns please feel free to email me at:



Started in January, we have now started an email version of our newsletter. Over 200 subscribers have decided to receive the monthly version of G&S NEWS instead of the quarterly newsletter. Besides getting more up to date information, they also know about new products faster, and there always special promotions exclusive to email subscribers. If you would like to switch, drop me an email:

The customer gallery is starting to grow. We now have a variety of pieces, from banners, scarves, quilts, vests and others. If you like your work displayed, please send me a good photo of your work, with a brief description of the work or yourself. If you have an email or web address include that also.



It is really exciting to be able to introduce so many new products this time. There are so many items that I have dedicated a whole page to showcasing these products. Throw in a sale, and a lower price on an item, and you have one very attractive place to inspire the next masterpiece. Enjoy!

Mouse Pads - These are perfect additions for use with your copy transfers (Paro or Canon). Imagine putting your company logo for promotions or just a big happy face to brighten your days. $5.95/each

Umbrellas - These very high quality white umbrellas are perfect for painting onto. Made with a solid wood handle, metal frame and metal tips. They are so well constructed that there is lifetime warrantee on the product $44.95/each


Crepe Back Satin 19mm 45" wide - Two new colours have been added. A dark Burgundy and a Dark Forest Green. Request samples if you would like to see them. $18.00/yd


Men's Ties - Our blank men's ties have been improved! The fixed versions are now 3-3/4" wide at the bottom (formerly 3-1/4") and a few inches longer. Still $10.00/each



Empty gift boxes - Perfect for scarves. These 6.5" (w) x 9.5" (l) x 1.75" (h) boxes have a clear plastic lid for you to be able to view your works. $2.50/each


Fabric Fun: Pastel Dye Sticks - Made by Penile, these are special fabric crayons. They give children and artists an easy and familiar application method. Colours are bright, vivid and permanent once ironed. They sit on the surface of the fabric more than the Water Color Dyes but are easier to apply.

 set of 15 colours  $4.95

Fabric Fun: Water Color Dyes

Made by Pentel, these are simple-to-use water color type dyes. They are packaged in little tubes (5mL) which you put on a pallet and add water before use. You can apply them by brush, sponge, squeegee or even with wood blocks. They are air cured and leave a very soft hand on the fabric. They work on all natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, hemp and rayon. They do not work with nylon or polyester though. Create colorful designs on T-shirts, towels, pillow cases, aprons, lunch bags, etc...

 set of 6 colours  $5.50
 set of 12 colours  $11.00
 set of 15 colours *  $19.95

* comes with 4 sponges and pre-cut stencils

Roll 'n Glue - You all must think I am mad to start selling glue, but I noticed that no one has glue handy when they are trying to put together our cards. Packaged with an easy applying roller applicator. $2.95 each for a 30mL tube


Latex Gloves - A strong disposable glove to protect your hands. Much more durable than our old vinyl gloves. Available in S, M, L $0.50/pair or $14.99/box of 50 pairs.

   Step by Step Art of Ribbon Crafts by Anita Harison - Continuing in this great series of books (we currently have silk painting and stencilling), we now have added Ribbon Crafts to the list. This book shows all the basic techniques to make a wide range of soft furnishings, table decorations, accessories, clever clothing, and gifts. Templates, Charts and Patterns are included 110 pages $14.95
   Quiltworks across Canada by Gail Hunt - Get a close-up full-color look at the innovative techniques taught by some of Canada's finest quilting teachers. Topics covered are Blueprinting Photos Onto Fabric, Drawing for the Terrified, Making Realistic 3-D Flowers, Sewing a Canadian Scrap Quilt, "Watercolour Painting", with Fabric Confetti, Hand and Machine Appliqué, Accurate Machine Piecing, Recycling Fabric, Shibori Dyeing, Designing from Aboriginal Beadwork and English Paper-Piecing. 240 pages $59.95


Monthly Sale Items

April: All Chinese Cotton in 44" or 55" width - 15% off

May: accessories 15% off

June: silk ties 15% off and silk screen mesh 10xx $10.00 yd


Price Correction

Please note the lunch bags that I listed in the January newsletter are actually $3.95 each NOT $5.95

All prices are in Canadian Dollars



We briefly mentioned this amazing printing method for fabrics last summer. Sun printing uses Transparent Setacolor fabric paints. By laying positive stencils, leaves or objects onto the fabric while it is drying, the sun bleaches out the area and creates the negative images.


  • Wet the fabric and stretch it very flat on a smooth non-absorbent surface
  • With a sponge or a large paint brush, paint on the diluted colour (one part Setacolor for two parts of water)
  • Lay the stencils on the cotton square while it is still wet. The covered surfaces will appear in negative, that is to say lighter.
  • Leave it to dry under a strong sunlight.


It may be summer now, but I recently came across a sample using halogen lights in place of the sun. The image was just as sharp if not sharper than using the sun.

Business Corner

This new feature for G&S NEWS that is meant to give our readers a little dose of economic reality. Readers like you will share experiences and tips on running a successful craft business or craft program. In every edition of G&S NEWS I shall pose a situation and readers can submit solutions or real world experiences on handling those situations. Responses will be reported in the subsequent edition.

Situation: With so many craft shows, how do I determine which is the ideal one for me?


Update our Files

I thank those that did confirm that they wanted to continue receiving G&S NEWS, but there seems to be many more who had forgotten. When you have a moment, please drop me a line by phone, mail, email or fax to confirm that you wish to continue receiving G&S NEWS.




As the winter schedule finishes up, we are working hard to find new and exciting workshops for all to take this spring & summer. Along with the usual silk painting, marbling, and screen printing, we are adding new workshops for dyeing, batiking and T-shirts. Look for the summer newsletter for more details and dates.

Beginner Silk Painting $35.00: April 12, June 21, July 26

Advanced Silk Painting $60.00: July 12

Marbling $45.00: June 14, August 9

Screen Printing w/ Heat Transfers $120.00: August 16 & 17

Please note: We are sad to report that the dyeing workshop for weavers and spinners has been cancelled. Please see future newsletter for the new rescheduled date.


Silk Painting Guild of Toronto

We had our first meeting at the end of February. Although it was a small turnout, I think we have started the ball rolling for a very energetic and educational forum for all those silk painters out there. We talked about the things we wanted out of the guild and what we didn't. A sharing of ideas was the number one priority.

Ongoing topics: improving your silk painting, workshops, selling your works, making clothing with silk painting, setting up a business, screen printing dyes, internet and many more......

We plan to meet on the third Tuesday of every month. If you would like to join the guild or attend a meeting please contact Rita or Dixon first at 416-596-0550. G&S News - Spring '97 {date}