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Volume 5, Issue 1  
Sprin 2000

Speaking Engagements

I have ambitious plans to see as much of Ontario as possible, possibly venturing even further. Although plans are still tentative, I wish to spread the word of G&S Dye.

There are four types of visit that I can do.

  • Mother's Day microwave scarf programs
  • Speaking engagements at Guilds or Schools on various textile design topics
  • Full workshops at your facilities on dyeing, printing and painting
  • Meeting Art Supply and Quilting stores for possible wholesale opportunities.

Mother's & Father's day is coming

An extremely popular program we've been running for schools every year is microwave dyeing. This is an extremely easy process for kids from Grade 2 and up. The success rate is 100%. The current price for us to come out and run a 2-hour workshop is $7.00/student NET (minimum 20 students) for scarves and $12.00 for ties. This includes a choice of a long or square silk scarf for each student for Mother's Day and a silk tie for Father's Day. I bring out all the equipment, dyes, scarves, paints and brushes. With the help of the teacher, I'll be able to accommodate 20-30 students in less than 2 hours. We are even willing to travel up to 50Km (from the Toronto Store). For longer distances, we will charge a travel fee of $0.25/Km. If I do get more than one school in the area participating on the same day, I will split travel fees.

For teachers who are too far away or want to eliminate travel expenses, we


It's warm outside! Quite a contrast to when I last published G&S News. There's a lot of catching up for my readers especially for those who subscribe to our print newsletter. The monthly sales and newsletters published in our e-mail publication have kept this group abreast of all that's happening at G&S Dye. Time to get everyone onto the same page.

First, on a personal note, I had a lot of fun snowboarding this past winter. Although it was a shortened season, it was a relaxing time. Perfect for prepping me for my newfound enterprise. I started a web magazine called in February - quite a contrast to G&S Dye, but there have been many new "computer" skills learned that have started to trickle down to the G&S Dye web site. We've added a simpler menu, a search engine, fancier graphics and for web bound customers, an order form. The early response has been excellent, as everyone is pleased with the new site's look and features. I'm even starting to learn to shoot and edit video. Can an educational video be far off?

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, "fear not"! G&S Dye is still a brick and mortar company with real people, real locations and an easy to contact toll free phone number 1-800-596-0550 (inquisitive minds will notice that it's the same as our Toronto store's number of 416-596-0550). I have very ambitious plans for this spring and summer. I'm already booked solid for the next two months with speaking engagements, appearances at art stores for demonstrations and I'll even be at Quilt Canada in June.

I look forward to finding a lot more places to go this summer.

Enjoy the great weather and until next time,


can put together a package for you to run the program yourself. Costs work out to be about $6-7/student for scarves and $12.00 for ties

Open invitation to organizations, stores and guilds

If you're part of a group or the coordinator of a quilting, weaving or craft guild, I'd love to hear from you. Currently, I've developed a few speaking topics which can easily be done in one hour, 3 hours or full day affairs with more or less "hands-on" depending on each situation.


  • dyeing to quilt l using dyes and paints
  • silk painting
  • marbling
  • screen printing

I would even be willing to talk about selling on the Internet or setting up your own web page. My rates are usually $50 to start (60-90 minute talk) with a $0.25/Km travel fee

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