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 Volume 3, Issue 4

Fall 1998 

I am starting this newsletter a bit late this time since I was in Calgary in late September for the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival. As I look out to the great weather we are still having, I wonder what this November and winter will bring. El Nino has been kind to us this past year in Toronto. Maybe it will be time for the weather (La Nina) to take its revenge. I won't complain because it'll bring snowboarding season a lot sooner (substance free of course).
As for products, I think over the next year, we'll focus more on education and accessibility. We have introduced so many great products that it is time to educate everyone how to use them more efficiently. My travelling workshops this summer were a lot of fun and I hope that it will become an all year round program. Our winter workshop schedule is out (see inside) for those in our vicinity. There are also so many schools to visit and many art and supply stores in your area too. For accessibility, we believe that customers will love the convenience of walking into their local shops to pick up G&S products. As mentioned in the past, you can already find them at select shops in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. The list will only get longer in the coming months and years.
See you on the slopes!


with DYES


- Inspired From Notes By Betty Conlin
The quilting artists have been leading surface design of late. Attested by books like Complex Cloth, Dyes and Paints, Transforming Fabrics and Fabric Dyeing and Printing that have all come out in the past few years. These books introduced multiple techniques on how to dye, paint, stamp, print, screen, stencil and create one-of-a-kind coloured and textured fabrics. One of the more popular sections has been with dyeing. The following are excerpts from class notes by Betty Conlin, a prominent Canadian quilter. There will be many other techniques introduced here in G&S News, so look towards future editions for more techniques.
Topics Covered
Rainbow Dyeing
Gradation Dyeing
Materials Used (see formulas to determine quantities)
  • Procion 'MX' Fiber Reactive Dye
  • Sodium Carbonate & Urea
  • Measuring cup, measuring spoons and stirring sticks
  • Non Iodized salt (sea salt / pickling salt)
  • Zip-lock bags or plastic containers.
  • Masks (Required when mixing powder dyes only. Dyes are relatively safe when in liquid form).
  • Gloves and Apron
  • String
  • Bucket
  • TNA Soap (Synthrapol® or Lissapol will be good too).
  • Large aluminum roasting pan
Making Stock Solutions
Please note that the following solutions can be shrunk proportionally. Also instructions here are slightly different than those previously written by us. We have just added more detail and simplified it ths time.
Prewash Fabrics - required
l Prewash all fabrics with TNA Soap (similar to Synthrapol®) in a washing machine to remove all sizing and dirt. TNA Soap is specially formulated to not only remove all the dirt and sizing but to also easily rinse out of the fabrics to assure good dyeing.
l Use approximately 60mL in a washing machine to prewash approximately 20 yds of light weight cotton. Dry fabric.
- continued on page 2
Presoak Solution (makes 4.0L) - direct
application only.
Dissolve 250gm Sodium Carbonate and 1 cups salt in 4.0L of hot tap water. Solution can be stored in a seal container for two months after use.
Chemical Water (makes 1.0L)
Mix 10 tsp urea to 1.0L of hot tap water. Use this solution to dilute dye solution further or for Gradation Dyeing Technique.
Dye Solutions (makes 1.0L) - direct application only.
l dissolve 25gm dye in 1.0L Chemical Water (as noted, amounts can be proportionatly reduced ie. you can mix one cup or 2 cups at a time).
l add a few drops of TNA Soap also. In this incident the soap will act as a wetting agent to help break the surface tension of the fabric and allow the dye to enter the fabric easier.
l Solution can be saved for 1 month but it is ideal to use within 48 hours.
fat quarter = approx 400 square inches
25gm of dye = approximately 6-8 tsp
1.0L of water = 4 cups
3 tsp = 1 Tbsp


Rainbow Dyeing
1. Precut fabric and soak in Presoak Solution for 15 minutes.
2. Use 12 zip-lock bags and pour the following amounts of dye into each one. Please note that red, yellow and blue are general colour definition. Red could be scarlet or fuchsia, Blue could be marine or turquoise and Yellow could be either golden yellow or bright yellow. Using different primary colours will give you a different colour wheel.
1/2 cup = 125mL
1/3 cup = 83mL
1/2 cup red 1/2 cup yellow 1/2 cup blue
1/3 cup red & 2 Tbsp yellow 1/3 cup yellow & 2 Tbsp blue 1/2 cup blue & 2 Tbsp red
2 Tbsp red & 1/3 cup yellow 2 Tbsp yellow & 1/2 cup blue 1/4 cup blue & 1/3 cup red
2 tsp red & 1/2 yellow 2 tsp yellow & 1/2 cup blue 2 Tbsp blue & 1/2 cup red
3. Take fabrics out of presoak solution and squeeze excess back into bucket and put one piece into each bag of dye. Seal bag
4. Move dye around in bag for a minute and let stand.
5. Agitate bag every five minutes for the next 60 minutes.
6. Let stand in bag for 24-48 hours.
7. Take out and rinse under luke warm water until water is clear.
8. If a lot dye is still prevalent in rinse water, process with Raycafix Fixing Agent (see last edition of G&S news).
9. Wash fabrics in TNA Soap
10. Dry & iron. Fabric is now ready to be used in your creations
Gradation Dyeing
1. Precut fabric and soak in Presoak Solution for 15 minutes
2. Place 8 zip-lock bags (or glass jars) on the table numbered #1-8. Place bags in pan to protect in case of leakage.
3. Pour 1/2 cup of dye solution into a cup and add 1/2 cup of chemical water.
4. Pour 1/2 cup of this solution into a bag or jar and labeled Bag #1
5. With the remaining 1/2 cup solution, add another 1/2 cup of chemical water to this solution.
6. Pour 1/2 cup of the new mixed solution into Bag #2 and with the remaining 1/2 cup, add another 1/2 cup of chemical water to this cup.
7. Keep repeating this until Bag #8 depending how much you want to extend the gradation.
8. Take fabrics out of presoak solution and squeeze excess back into bucket and put one piece into each jar of dye.
9. Move dye around in jar for a minute and let stand.
10. Agitate bag every few minutes
11. Let items stand in bags for 24-48 hours.
12. Take out and rinse under luke warm water until water is clear.
13. If a lot dye is still prevalent in rinse water, process with Raycafix Dye Fix (formerly Retayne)
14. Wash fabrics in TNA Soap
15. Dry, iron and fabric is now ready to be used in your creations

Dyes, Paints and Chemicals - SAFETY

There have been many questions regarding safety in handling dyes, paints and chemicals. The following are some basic common sense rules.
  • You should clean up your work area afterward. I find liquid "Vim" to be very effective.
  • NEVER eat in your work area.
  • Purchase separate containers or utensils for your dyes, paints and chemicals. If possible, stainless steel is recommended, but plastic is usually fine.
  • Always work in a well ventilated area but avoid drafty areas as this will cause powders to become airbourne.
  • ALWAYS wear a dust mask when handling powdered dye or chemical. Any dust exposure is potentially harmful.
  • Although most people don't seem to have a reaction to the dyes, the solutions are generally basic (PH level of 9-12). Gloves are highly recommend, first to avoid staining and secondly to avoid potential allergic reactions.
  • Any dye stains on hands with Procion MX are usually removed with Reduran Hand Cleaner. If you do not have this soap product, the stains usually will disappear within a few days through normal activities such as washing your hair or dishes.
  • When in emergency, please refer to the MSDS for proper safety procedures or contact your physician when in doubt.



Pre-Resisted Silks


I have never been more excited about a new product than these new scraves, cards and hankies. All you have to do is place silk on a frame and paint. No more clogged resist bottles and no more blobs, just perfect clean lines. Currently we have 12 designs in various iterations; cards, square, oblong and hankies. We shall be adding new styles every few months so keep coming back to see the late Another way to keep informed is to joine our email mailing list. Just email us tobe added.

click titles to see samples

Square Scarves 90 cm x 90 cm (35" x 35") 5mm Pongee Silk - $14.95

  • Zodiac
  • Sunflowers
  • Flourish - available in mid Dec / 98
  • Isabelle - available in mid Dec / 98
Oblong Scarves 45 cm x 180 cm (18" x 71") 5mm Pongee Silk - $15.95
  • Jardin
  • Aratas - available in mid Dec / 98
Handkerchief Scarves 28 cm x 28cm (11" x11") 5mm Pongee Silk - $4.95
  • Constellation
  • Clown Fish
  • Colibri - available in mid Dec / 98
  • Pond - available in mid Dec / 98
Greeting Cards 15 cm x 21 cm (6" x 8 1/4 ") 5mm Pongee Silk - $13.95 (4 styles/cards in each package)
  • Parrots
  • Flower
  • Mature
Deka Iron-On makes it easier than ever to be a textile artist! Just apply this waterbased paint to plain paper, let it dry and iron your own design onto synthetic fabrics (or blends with at least 60% synthetic content). Each transfer can be used repeatedly.
$4.50 / each (adjusted 2/17/2000) for 30mL jar.
Blue, Red,
Green Yellow
Black Purple
Chinese Brocade
As with every edition, we seem to be adding more and more styles. The count is up to around 30 styles now. All the new styles contain very strong colours (black, scarlet, red, turquoise, teal green, marine blue) with gold threading and embroidery. (600 K page)
Press-on Gold Foiling
This special gold foiling works with special iron-on transfer as found in our Paint Your Own T-shirt book (NOT for PARO paper). By ironing on top of the transfer, it'll allow one to create gold borders. Sold by individual sheets (12" x 20") for $4.95 each.


Our one day sale on August 15, 1998 was a resounding success. It seems great prices are a sure way to make contact with everyone. Although this sale was the first in our 11 year history, it doesn't mean great deals won't be offered from time to time. Keep reading G&S news to keep up with the latest and best sale information.
November: All remaining 6mm scarves are 30% off. The supply is quite limited. They'll be sold on a first come first serve basis. Please note number of scarves available.

 Size Approx Avail.  Reg Price  Sale Price
 45"x45"  100 pcs  $11.50  $8.05
 8"x48"  200 pcs  $4.50  $3.15
 8"x54" pt  100 pcs  $4.60  $3.22

December: Our famous Year End Book Sale! Perfect for holiday gift giving. All books will be 15% off. Reminder to all Ontario residents, there is no PST charged for books.


We now accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and C.O.D. (Canada only for C.O.D.). If you are shopping in person at the Toronto store we even accept Interac (debit card). For mail order we recommend payment by credit card to avoid C.O.D. charges which usually add $4-6 (average) on top of all charges. If credit card and C.O.D. aren't an option for you, we usually accept prepayment by cheque, money order or certified check. Prepayment usually slows down your order since we'll have to contact you with the total invoice amount, wait for your payment and upon receipt wait until payment has cleared before mailing out.
For our US Customers
Please note that all prices are in Canadian dollars. We do not bill in US dollars! Our invoices and credit card slips may have a larger amount, but we assure you that this is a Canadian denomination. Your credit card company will convert for you on your statement.
It seems that converting to CDN $ is quite foreign to many customers. An easy way to calculate the equivalent in US $ is to take a third off the CDN price (exchange as of 9/1/98) and the new total is the US$ amount
Example: $10.00 CDN less 1/3 = $6.67 USD
Please expect constant fluctuations throughout the year, but this year the Canadian dollar has dropped over 10% in relation to the US dollar. That means products have indirectly become 10% cheaper to US customers
If you are viewing this page in the frame, our web site now has a currency calculator. Just type in the Canadian amount and the calculator will automatically calculate the US$ equivilent. You can also exchange CDN $ into French Francs, German Marks, Australian $, etc...


After a spring and summer sabbatical, we are ready to start our workshops again. To add a little excitement, we've added a couple new workshops. All classes are at our Markham location - click for map * (pick up and drop off at a subway station can be arranged) on Saturdays between 10-4 (except Textile Design Class) and all materials are included. Prepayment is required and we recommend enrolling at least a month in advance.
Introduction To Silk Painting
Dixon Chan - $35.00 + GST = $37.45
Nov. 21st, Jan. 23rd, March 27
A comprehensive introduction to the art of silk painting. We shall introduce framing, dyes/paints used, colour mixing, resist, watermarking, salting, colour blending and steam setting. Students will complete a silk scarf and some sample pieces.
Advanced Silk Painting
Rita Lange - $65.00 + GST = $69.55
February 6th
The course expands on perfecting techniques in control and detail. Techniques covered are blending, watercolor techniques, anti-spreading, thickeners, poly-chromatic printing, and visualization skills. This hands on course will emphasize on techniques rather than finishing a complete project. Students will complet a silk scarf along with some sample pieces of various fabrics.
Dyeing Fabrics for Quilting
Dixon Chan - $65.00 + GST = $69.55
February 20th
Hands on dyeing courses for quilters. Learn the proper use of dyes for all types of fabrics, washes, blends, solid colours and gradations, to create one-of-a-kind patterns on fabrics. Students will dye approximately 3 yds of cotton - included.
Devore and Discharge with Stencils
Dixon Chan - $50.00 + GST = $53.50
December 5, March 6th
A new class exploring these two wonderful and easy techniques. Using FiberEtch to burn out fabrics and different types of discharging agents for "bleaching" fabrics, you'll have lots of fun creating unique and interesting designs on fabrics. Sudents will complete multiple samples on velvet, cotton and blends.
Marbling on Fabrics
Dixon Chan - $50.00 + GST = $53.50
March 20th
Marbling is an ancient printing technique that has recently been revitalized as an unique and easy way of decorating all sorts of fabric. A hands on opportunity to go through different styles of marbling. We shall cover preparation, inks, equipment, fabrics, paper and control. Students will complete a scraf, along with a greeting card and multiple sample pieces.
Screen Printing & Heat Transfers
with Dixon Chan - $250.00 + GST (for up to 3 people) - private, please call for bookings. We cover up to date processes adopting multiple stencil making techniques, screens, exposing, preparation, printing techniques, and photo copy transfers. Bring photos, images, objects or anything you would like to print. Students will complete 3 T-shirts each and have the opportunity to buy their screens and equipment for a discou nt.
Parent and Child Textile Design *
with Dixon Chan and Rita Lange
class held during the week in Toronto - location T.B.A.
2 days during March Break
A multi-project kaleidoscope of activities. Professional techniques cov are screen printing, stencilling, silk painting, marbling, batik, microwave dyeing and batik. Multiple finished projects will be completed at the end of each day. As a parent & child day, both parties will get the most out of learning together. We ran this workshop this past spring at the Riverdale Farm and it was a resounding success. Each segment completes a finished product, be it; scarves, banner, hanging, greeting cards, etc....
$95.00 + GST for 1 parent and 1 child
$35.00 + GST for each additional child.
Sorry no individual adult or child allowed.


As mentioned last edition, we were choosing a winner for all those who had confirmed their subscription of G&S NEWS. Of the 675 eligible entrants, we have chosen;
Linda Shantz of Haliburton, Ontario
Congratulations! To claim your prize, please contact us and we'll arrange the delivery.





Our G&S Dye web site has undergone a couple of great changes. Firstly, we have changed the site address to make it easier to remember and find. It is now;

The second change/addition is the site itself. Our menus and newly posted information sheets only make it a more enjoyable experience. We even have a calculator to help you convert to American Dollars for our American friends (Other countries also are available). With the dollar getting cheaper lately, many of our products are now significantly cheaper than in the States.

Apple Computer's iMac

Most of my customers know that I am an avid Apple convert. NO debates here of which one is better. Although I have my preference, I believe both platforms now have clear advantages AND disadvantages.
I am writing this little blurb at the end of this newsletter for those interested in getting a new computer as an upgrade or for an absolute beginner.

I know many of our G&S NEWS readers are still not hooked up to the Internet. I'd like to change that. I have in the past helped many of our readers with unbiased advice (I don't sell computers) on how to start and get involved (set up a few web pages also). During this past August, Apple Computer introduced the most convincing, easiest and gorgeous computer (iMac) that I have no hesitation to recommend to my friends, family and customers to help get them on line. Check it out at your local Computer City, CompUSA or speciality Apple dealer.


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