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 Volume 3, Issue 1

Winter 1998 


A fabric dyeing technique where certain areas are covered with wax, and remain protected during the cold dyeing stage. It is also the name given to a fabric treated by this process. Batik offers unlimited scope for expression. The patterns, their arrangement, the colours and superimpositions can change and play a major part in creation. This technique can be used to decorate clothing or make paintings, cushions, lampshades, curtains, etc.

Materials used:

  • Setacolor Paint
  • Lemon yellow #17
  • Cardinal red #24
  • Cobalt Blue #11
  • Ultramarine blue #12
  • Black lake #19
  • brushes: fan (#12), flat (#12), round (#4, #12)
  • silk or cotton fabrics
  • foam brush
  • batik wax
  • tjanting tools (optional)


Stretch the decatised percale on a wooden frame and attach it at regular intervals. Copy a pattern with a disappearing marker so it can be removed easily. Dressmaker's pencil or pastel crayon also work.

Melt the wax in a double saucepan (never on direct heat). It must be hot, transparent and very fluid to soak through the fabric and block the weave (if the wax is too thick, it

1) Trace with hot wax the first patterns using the natural silk brush (brushes made from synthetic fibre would melt in the hot wax). Apply the wax evenly, without going over the same line twice. Reserved parts will remain white.

4) Dampen the surface of the fabric then dye with Setacolour Cobalt blue No.11 diluted with 50% water with the fan brush.

Superimposing with the yellow, green is obtained, and by superimposing with pink a purplish blue.

Allow to dye at room temperature.


2) Use the foam brush to dampen the surface of the fabric with pure water. Apply the dyes with the fan brush, Setacolor lemon yellow No. 17 then setacolor cardinal red No. 24, diluted with 50% water.

Allow to dry at room temperature.

5) Draw new wax patterns with No.10 and No. 4 brushes.

When the wax cools, take the fabric off the frame and crumble it between your hands to obtain the crackle effect. The lighter the cotton, the finer the crackling.

Put the fabric back on the frame.


3) Apply the wax with No. 10 brush tracing small rectangles on the edge, make more strokes with No. 4 brush held vertically.


Reserved patterns will stay yellow and pink.

6) Dye once more with a mixture of Setacolor ultramarine blue No.12 and black lake No.19 diluted with water. Allow to dry for at least 12 hours before removing the fabric from the frame. Note that the colours lighten on drying.

Place the fabric between several layers of brown paper and iron at cotton temperature. The wax will be removed and the colour fixed. Boil, rinse in cold water. If there are still greasy stains, clean with F alcohol.



New Product Information

Fibre Etch

Introduced in November this amazing product has been a very hot gift. It was a favorite for stocking stuffers. We sold out our first order within three weeks. For those who have forgotten, Fiber-Etch is a chemical that burns away cellulose fabrics. Used primarily with our silk rayon velvet, it burns out the rayon pile leaving the silk backing. Quite exquisite and all the rage now in stores. Fibre Etch can be applied by brush, stencil or screen printed.

 4 ounces  $14.95
  1.0 Quart  $85.00


NEW scarf size

We have recently added two new scarf size. Habotai 8mm 22" x 22" and 15"x72". Please note also that many of the 6mm scarves have been discontinued. Email us for a list of the ones available and our sale price - On-Line Exclusive!


Discharge Paste

A safe colour remover for dyed natural fabrics. Apply by brush, block printing or screen printing. Afterwards, iron and wash item and the colour will be reduced in the area you applied the paste. This is used similar to the Fibre Etch, but instead of removing the pile it removes the colour. Available in 250mL & 1.0L jars. Instuctions

 250 mL  $ 9.95
 1.0 L  $29.95

Silk Ties

We've now added a silk twill 15.5mm tie, similar to the 3/4" wide crepe ties that were introduced last year. Besides being thicker than our crepe ties, the silk twill also hangs & ties nicely and is less susceptible to shrinkage. Please note that we still have some 3 1/4" wide ties with the backstitch out for easy detachment for painting or dyeing. All three styles of ties are still $10.00 each.

Also unknown to everyone, we have started to be able to custom make ties for you. By providing us with yardage (minimum 4 yds), we are able to cut, sew, line, tag and individually bag each tie. Currently we are able to yield approximately 4 ties a yard. The cost per tie is $7.50 each. Please call us for more information


Transfer papers

Introduced a couple of years ago, transfer papers have been a steady hit. The ability to transfer any image onto fabric is extremely appealing. There has been a lot of development in this line. Today we carry no less than four types.

1) colour photo copy transfers

2) colour photo copy transfers for dark fabrics

3) colour photo copy transfers for hand ironing - NEW

4) computer ink jet transfers - NEWLY IMPROVED

The ink jet and hand iron-on papers are particularly appealing for those who are using transfers at home. Both papers are an improvements in colour, hand and washability. Prices start at $1.95 a sheet with discounts at 10, 50 and 100 sheets.


New brocade colours

It has been an overwhelming re-introduction of our silk brocades. We have done so well, we are continually adding new colours and patterns to meet demand. Already, we have quietly introduced a few more new colours and patterns. To get a better look check out our web site or order a brocade sampler for $5.00 + postage. As an added bonus, all samples for new colours introduced in 1998 will be sent for no charge (postage extra).


Water Based Resist

No more sticky and smelly solvent gutta. No more toxic fumes and no more dry cleaning. Introducing our new waterbased coloured gutta line, consisting of black, gold and silver. These resists set with an iron and are washfast & dry cleanable. They hold a crisp line and can be applied with a bottle, brush, screen printing and with our new AirPen.

   Clear/White Black, Gold, Silver
 100mL    $12.50
 120mL  $ 5.95  
 250mL  $ 8.95  $19.95
 500mL  $14.95  
 1.0 L  $24.95  $59.95

Pebeo Soie 20 Colours Now

    After slowly introducing this great line of silk paints over the past few months, we now carry 20 colours in stock (see list below). Although the line consists of 80 colours, we feel that these 20 are all great colours by themselves or for mixing an even larger palette. The price for a 120mL bottle is $9.95

 00 diluent  01 yellow  03 buttercup  05 tangerine  07 red poppy  08 cherry  09 fuchsia
 20 amaranth  23 ultramarine  24 cobalt blue  26 turquoise  28 cyan  33 jade  34 firefly green
 36 bottle green  40 sea blue  45 moss green  48 old gold  56 hazel  78 tobacco  80 jet black


It's time for the section that everyone really cares about.

January - Introductory price, all orders for the new ink jet transfers will be priced at $1.95/each reg. $3.25.

February - Hybrid pens, Setascrib, Fabric Fun Dyes and Pastels, Niji Black - 15% off

March - Silk painting frame $52.95 (separate purchased $65)



Questions & Answers

Q: What is an easy mixing guide that I can follow?

A: There are millions of colour combinations but the following is a good starting guide. I have chosen 8 colours to mix with. Note that I have used generic colour names but all formulas should apply to most brands of colours. Also 'p' is an arbitrary amount. If you deem that a part is equal to 50mL keep that consistent for the formula.


Colours Used

bright yellow, marigold (warm yellow), scarlet, fuchsia/magenta, turquoise (cyan), marine blue, red brown and black.


Bright Orange = 1p bright yellow and 1p scarlet
Orange =
2p marigold + 1p scarlet
Burnt Orange =
6p orange + 1p red brown
Peach =
1p marigold + 4p scarlet
Watermelon = 1p fuchsia + 1p orange + 2p water
Hydrant Red =
2p scarlet + 1p fuchsia
Raspberry =
3p scarlet + 2p fuchsia
Orchid = 5p fuchsia + 1p turq. + 5p water
Violet =
5p fuchsia + 2p turquoise
burgundy = 4p fuchsia + 3p violet + 2p red brown royal blue = 5p turquoise + 1p fuchsia cornflower blue = 2p turquoise + 3p royal blue riviera blue = 42p turquoise + 5p fuchsia + 1p mari
Sapphire Blue =
2p riviera blue + 1p marine blue
lime green = 20p bright yellow + 1p turquoise green teal = 2p bright yellow + 5p turquoise lizard green = 2p marigold + 3p turquoie olive = 2p black + 1p red brown + 3p marigold flagstone = 1p marine blue + 1p marigold khaki = 1p marine blue + 3p marigold + 1p red brown
gold =
2p marigold + 1p red brown
sand = 3p marigold + 1p red brown + 6p water chestnut = 9p marigold + 3p red brown + 1p violet soft brown = 4p red brown + 1p black        


Workshop Special

What better way to educate your spouses or significant others by having them join you on one of our extremely entertaining and educational workshops. We offer silk painting, dyeing, marbling, screen printing and batik dyeing.

As an added incentive, we are offering a 50% discount off the price of the workshop for your significant other. That's a savings of up to $60.


"The truth is finally here"

by: Rita Campagnaro

To all of you that are some what skeptical about taking Advance Silk Painting classes, I (Rita) would like to reassure your fears or skepticism about taking them. The Advanced Silk Painting classes are for those interested in learning a little history about silk , colour theory (and putting the colour to practice) other techniques such as; blending, linear underpinning, polychromatic printing, alcohol, stencils, toothbrush techniques, freeform, painting on treated silk and if time permits wax resist techniques. There is a of course lot's of hands on painting and lot's of FUN. These classes are designed to help anyone that wants to learn. My previous classes were filled very enthusiastic individuals that not only learned from me, but I learned from them. Each class was unique with various lessons that perhaps were not introduced within another class. The reason had to do with the level each student was at. I have enjoyed each class I have taught, to those of you that have taken my previous classes, thank you for the opportunity to have met you, sharing ideas and enjoying the Art of Silk Painting.


Batik Workshop is going to be taught by Louie Kizito

Louie has years of experience teaching all sorts of batik using Procion MX dyes. The course that Louie will be teaching is an intensive two day affair. It will be held on Feb 24 &25 at our Markham store.

Workshops Coming Up

 Basic Silk Painting  Jan 17 & March 14  $35.00
 Advanced Silk Painting  April 4  $65.00
 Fabric Dyeing For Quilters  Two days on Jan 24 &25  $100.00
 Marbling on Fabrics  Feb 21  $45.00
 Screen Printing  Two days Feb 14 & 15  $120.00
 Batik Dyeing  Two days Feb 24 & 25  $100.00

All workshops are one day (10 - 4) and are held at our Markham office (see map below) unless noted otherwise. To register or to receive more information, please drop check out the workshop page


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