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 January 1996  

 Volume 1, Issue 1

Inaugural Edition


Welcome to G&S Dye's first newsletter. When I first started this project I only had one intention and that was to just jot down a few announcements. I think it would be out of character and be an injustice if I wasted this great opportunity to inform, teach, and discuss what is happening in fibre art in Canada.

As we start our ninth year, we have developed a certain style that is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. This extension of help can only improve with new communication technologies. Besides the phone, fax and post office, we have recently started communication by email:

Communication is wasted if we do not have the answers, not to mention the products. Our constantly updated information sheets provide the easiest, newest ways to dye, paint, screen, and marble. In fabrics, we have added a rayon linen blend, two new cottons, and additional colours in crepe and charmeuse. Our new easy/safe acid dye (see article) allows us to dye a wider range of fabrics. We have also improved our book list to provide up-to-date techniques and styles (see list on back).

I am looking forward to a great year at G&S Dye and together with your comments we can make it a very colourful year.


Country Classics

This condensed professional dye for Wool, Silk and Nylon with a "No-Hassle" procedure. Nothing to add. Very little to measure. Lots of fun. Country Classics is easy, rapid and complete.

The 28 colour Country Classics was formulated expressly for the craftsperson interested in dyeing wool fibre and wool yarn. Country Classics are also perfect for redyeing or over-dyeing garments.

All fibre and yarn should be given a hot wash before dyeing to remove any soil or residual grease. Use 2 teaspoon Lissapol Soap and 2 teaspoons Sodium Carbonate for 2 pounds (8 x 4 ounce skeins or 900 grams) of wool yarn in very hot water. Rinse well, squeeze out excess water and set aside while making dye bath.
For your dyepot, use stainless steel or unchipped enamel pot. Pyrex is fine for small skeins. Use an amount of water sufficient to cover the wool. Usually this is 4 to 5 gallons (16 to 20 litres) for two pounds of wool or 2 to 3 quarts (2 to 3 litres) for a 4 ounce (115 gm) skein.

For 2 pounds of wool use the entire contents of the jar. For 1 pound (454 grams) of wool use half a jar or approximately 71/2 teaspoons. For 4 ounces of wool use 2 teaspoons of dye. To dissolve, add a small quantity of boiling water to the dye. Mix well and add to dyebath.

Add the washed wool. Heat slowly to a boil (not a rolling boil) while moving the yarn intermittently. Dye 20 minutes at a boil and let cool in the dyepot until room temperature. Remove the wool and rinse well in warm water. Squeeze out excess water and dry.

Alternate Method: If uniform results are not important, heat the dye bath to boiling and carefully add dry wool. Boil for 30 minutes while continually moving the wool. Let the water cool in the dyepot until room temperature. Remove the wool and rinse well in warm water. Squeeze out excess water and dry.

Note: In the rare event that the dyes do not exhaust sufficiently, slowly add 1/2 cup white vinegar and continue dyeing for 15 minutes longer.


There are 28 colours. Each bottle contains enough to dye two pounds of fabric. $9.95/each.
#15 Fluorescent Yellow #39 Magenta #71 Evergreen
#16 Buttercup #40 Blue Bonnet #74 Avocado
#17 Maize #41 Cornflower #75 Blue Spruce
#18 Cantelope #42 Blueberry #76 Kiwi
#24 Pumpkin #43 Slate Blue #77 Mountain Aqua
#25 Apricot #50 Bermuda Sand #78 China Jade
#31 Very Hot Pink #51 Desert Rose #80 Sugar Plum
#33 Ripe Tomato #55 Chestnut #81 Wild Iris
#34 Strawberry #61 Quicksilver #82 Raspberry
#37 Persimmon #62 Raven #83 Lilac
#38 Cherry #70 Spring Green #84 Spring Violet

Notes to Readers

This newsletter is still quite raw. Input to help define its context and style would be greatly appreciated. Also any comments or sewing pointers will be very useful. Any published tip will receive a $25 gift certificate.

Questions and Answers

Resist and Gutta

Every silk painter from beginner to seasoned professional has trouble with resisting. The following are the most common questions.

Q: Resist lines always have a big blob at the beginning and end, why?
A: Although quite difficult to avoid, I find that not squeezing the bottle before and after touching the silk helps. Also testing flow on a towel removes all air pockets and water before you actually apply the resist.

Q: It appears that I've applied resist properly but the dye still flows thru the line, why?
A: The main reason for this is that the resist or gutta has not penetrated the silk properly. This problem usually occurs on heavier fabrics like silk noil, heavy crepe back satins and duppioni's. If this occurs on lighter fabrics it could mean that the resist is too diluted.

Q: How come my lines are so wide and globby?
A: This is an application problem. G&S Dye carries two types of applicator tips to make it easier.



Both tips have a slight variation in their application.

(A) When applying resist, make sure bottle is only slightly angled and squeeze lightly. If applicator gets clogged, DO NOT TRY to unclog by pressing harder. Lift off and test on towel. Also, do not hover above the silk while resisting. Make sure you are in contact with fabric.

(B) Same as (A) except the bottle is at a 90o
angle (vertical). Also press into the fabric slightly while applying.

Book Sale

We have started an update drive in our book list. In our continuing effort to provide the most up to date instructional and pattern books, we have a 20% off sale on most back list titles (please inquire) to allow room for new titles.

Scarf Sale

This is a great opportunity to pick up some great deals on some silk scarves. For a limited time * we shall have Sale Prices for the following scarves.

Size Regular Sale
H5 5-1/2"x60" 2.95 2.20
H6 5-1/2"x60" 3.75 2.95
H6 25"x25" 4.50 3.35
H6 28"x28" 5.55 4.15
H6 8"x48" 4.25 3.20
H6 8"x63" 4.70 3.55
H6 11-1/4"x60" 5.45 4.10
H8 51/2"x60" 4.00 3.00
H8 9"x63" 5.20 3.90

* sale ends April 30, 1996

For all other sizes the following is the schedule for discounts (scarf totals per order)

5 Dozen 5% off*
10 Dozen 10% off*
20 Dozen + 20% off*

* sale items cannot be counted towards scarf totals

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