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 volume 1, issue 4

Fall 1996



I have been busy these past three months preparing for the fall season. We have a full slate of activities, products and events to introduce. My invitation for speaking engagements last edition, has me scheduled to go all over Southwestern Ontario in October. I shall be at three shows during the season, also, culminating with the Creative Sewing Show (booth#230) in November. Before I can even catch my breath, I shall be launching the NEW G&S Liquid Colours (see above). All this work just means more and better things for you.

Take care and have a great holiday season.

Dixon Chan

G&S LIQUID COLOURS Iron On Silk Paints

G&S LIQUID COLOURS Iron On Silk Paints

G&S is introducing its newest product line. These high performance silk paints are washable, radiant, and extremely pliable. They are easy to use and fix by ironing.

Silk painted with dyes has always produced the brightest work. Dyes are also the most flexible form of colorant. The fixation by steam though has remained the main deterrent to many beginning silk painters. This led to the introduction of iron set silk paints. Many compromises in brightness, and softness meant that painters preferred to stick with dyes. We believe that G&S Liquid Colours balances these compromises well enough to give the beginner and professional painter what they have wanted all these years: a painted piece that is bright, soft in hand and doesn't require steam fixing.

G&S Liquid Colours paint no differently than any other dye, be it Procion 'H' or Dupont. All painting techniques are possible; solid colours, blending, salting, water marking, resist, and batik. This product has been tested for over 9 months and everyone has commented positively about the product.

"I was very happy with the flow and
the mix...they were very smooth and
easy to use with excellent color."

Langston Spell
Maurerton, VA

Beside working on silk, you can use G&S Liquid Colours on cotton, linen, cotton blends and even rayon.

Initially we shall be offering around 18 colours in 100mL sizes. More colours and sizes will be added as demand increases.

100 mL bottles

All Colours - $ 5.95
Diluent - $ 4.95


WWW Update

I have been surprised to find out that so many of you are on-line. I have received many comments both positive and constructive, to help me build a site worth visiting. For those who have visited lately, you will have noticed new and exciting features. Besides being updated with all new ideas, products and sales, we shall be starting "on-line" exclusives soon.

For those who prefer to receive the "NEW" email version of G&S News, please, drop me a line.

Not connected? Feeling left out? There is no substitution for live contact and interaction. Our new ventures in the on line world doesn't mean that we have forgotten the real person at the other end. Please do not hesitate to call or write us instead for any questions or inquiries.

New Product Announcements

Water softener

Sodium hexametaphosphate; Use for immersion and direct application dyeing. It neutralizes the metallic ions in tap water that may interfere with the reaction of the dyes.

200gm $ 3.25

Extra Fine Applicator

A new applicator bottle and tip that is even finer than the existing #5 applicator. This tip is fine enough to resist onto fabrics for cover buttons, cards or earrings. It is ideal to use solvent gutta but our waterbased resist will work if thinned.

tip & bottle $ 7.95

Metallic Markers

We have added three colourful decorative markers. Available in gold, silver and copper, these are great for drawing on heavy fabrics (will bleed on lighter weight silks), or paper.

each $ 4.50

Canon BJ Paper

This is another type of heat transfer paper (see G&S News v1.e.2). that can be used in computer ink jet or bubble jet printers.

each sheet $ 4.25
10 pack $32.50


We have now added a 500mL size.

500mL $17.00

Selectum Markers

There is still no other marker on the market that works as well on silk as do Selectum markers. Their main strength is that they do not bleed, which makes them an ideal product to add your signature to your work. We have a sale to sell off all the colours in the series for $1.50. We shall only be carrying black.

each $ 3.50

Questions and Answers

Q: How do you expose a screen at home without buying an expensive exposure unit?
Using photopol emulsion, you can use the "Plant Light Method", which is a
very effective and economical way to expose a screen using a regular plant bulb. This avoids the costly investment of a vacuum exposing unit or building a complex light table.

Photopol Emulsion

Premium non-toxic water and solvent resistant direct emulsion. No sensitizer required! Exposes with a regular light bulb. Three years shelf life. Only requires you to coat two layer (vs. four for most others).

Using a direct emulsion increases the image possibilities compared to hand cut stencils. With the proper film, you will be able to reproduce any illustration, computer image, text and photograph.

Applying Emulsion (see diagram below)


1) Clean screens with liquid detergent to remove all sizing and/or oils
2) Work in safe-light or yellow light conditions and fill coater with emulsion so that the it is easily distributed across the width of the coater.
4) Stand the screen on edge and make contact on the screen side (outside).
5) Pull upward in one even motion, while maintaining contact, angle and even pressure.
5) "go back to point 4" and apply a second coat.
6) Dry screen horizontally in a safe-light and cool enviroment. You may use a fan to speed up the drying prodcess but do not use a blow dryer or other heat source.
7) Pour excess emulsion back into container and wash the coater immediately to avoid emulsion harding on coater.

 Materials For Exposing Unit

  • 2" foam board or styrofoam cut to 1" less than the inside dimension of the screen
  • 3mm thick clear glass cut to 1" less than the inside dimension of the screen
  • 150 watt plant bulb
  • clamp light socket that handles 150 watt bulb
  • your film positive
  • clear tape


To Expose (see top and bottom diagrams)


1) Coat screen with Photopol Emulsion and let dry.
2) Tape the film positive to the screen side (outside).
3) Place the styrofoam block on squeegee side (inside).

4) Position the screen with the foam on a table, positive side up and place the sheet of glass on top of the screen. This secures the film and ensures proper contact with the screen.
5) Expose for 25 minutes at 12-15" distance from the screen.
6) Immediately after the screen is exposed, remove the positive and spray the print side of the emulsion with water until the unexposed areas are completely clear.
7) Blot with unprinted newsprint and dry horizontally.
8) Once fully dry, place screen against a window or in front of a light source and check stencil for pinholes. Using a small brush, patch up with unused emulsion.
9) Once emulsion is dry, the screen is ready to use.

How to make your own cards?

A few years ago we sent out Christmas Cards that were made from our open faced cards and silk scraps. We never received so many compliments! The usual response was, that it was so much more personal than any printed card.

So what was the secret to those original one of a kind cards? By using all your left over mistakes or scraps of fabric, you can easily cut them into small 3" x 4" pieces. We find that most mistakes disappear at that size. By pasting them onto the cards, the piece of fabric looks like it was specifically painted for the card.

Materials Required

· G&S open faced cards (oval, rectangle, circle) with backing cards, & envelopes
· scrap fabrics (silk or other thin fabrics)
· white craft glue or hot glue gun
· scissors
· pen or fabric marker


1. Open card and lay flat on a table inside facing up.
2. Record the dimensions of the opening and add half an inch to all measurements.
3. Lay the card over the fabric to determine the best area to cut.
4. Trace out the dimension (part 2) and cut the piece of fabric to those dimensions.
5. Place glue around the opening of the card and paste your fabric immediately.
6. Let dry and glue the backing card to cover the fabric on the inside. Again, it is easier to apply the glue to the card first.
7. Place a book ontop while drying to assure a flat card.
8. Fold the card and your masterpiece is ready!

Prices - pkg of 6

Rectangle $ 3.70
Oval $ 3.90
Circle w/ "Greetings" $ 4.20

Promotional Products

The upkeep of natural fabrics can be quite difficult. Due to shrinkage and3 unsightly wrinkles. This is not true for silk jacquard. Silk jacquards have woven patterns that add a slight design and texture to the fabric. In addition to the obvious difference in appearance, jacquard also resist wrinkling and can be made to be washable. This is the ideal fabric for blouses and skirts. Stuffing a blouse into your luggage without worrying about ironing can be a time-saver on vacation or business. For those in a wedding party, wrinkles are unsightly and can show up in photos.

Our jacquards are available in ten designs (see diagram for sample patterns) and textures (crinkle). They range from 14-16 mm and 90 - 115 cm (36 - 45") wide. The prices range from $13.50 to $20.00 a yard. Until December 31st, 1996, we are offering a 15% off sale for any cut over 1 yard.

 SK-1  SK-2  K1031  K1032  K1033


 K1034  K1036  K1037  K1038  K1040


More Sales

We have selected a good range of popular products just in time for the holiday season.


All 6mm silk scarves are
20% off for the month.


Cards (see article),
Earrings/Cover Buttons,
Wall Plaques/Fans
20% off for the month.


15% off all in stock books.


We have just released our Winter 96/97 Schedule of Workshops. This session we welcome three new teachers and courses They are Betty Conlin (dyeing for quilters), Crystel Wille (for weavers/spinners) and Wendy Barrett (stencilling). For more information on registration or course description, please contact us.

Silk Painting With Dyes - $35.00

November 16
February 1
April 12

Advanced Silk Painting - $60.00

November 23
April 19

T-Shirt Screen Printing & Transfers - $120.00

February 15 & 16

Marbling on Fabric - $45.00

January 19
March 15

Heat Transfer on Fabric - $75.00

February 8
March 29

Dyeing Techniques - $100.00

For quilters: January 24 & 25
For wavers/spinners: April 26 & 27

Stencilling on Fabric - $55.00

March 1

Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival

If you are going to be attending this year's fall show (Nov 1-4) remember to stop by our booth (#230). There will be many show specials for bargain hunters. Remember to pick up advance tickets from us. Adults are $8.00, Seniors (65+) $6.00 and Juniors (up to 14) $6.00. That is a $2.00 savings per ticket off over the price at the door.

G&S Starter Kits

Stuck for a gift idea? Always wanted to introduce a distant friend or relative to the wonderful world of textile arts? G&S Dye has put together some wonderful starter kits for everyone. All our kits are complete with instructions and the materials required, with an assurance that you will produce a great finished product.

1. Silk Painting w/ Fabric Paints $ 19.95
2. Marbling on Fabrics $ 19.95
3. Microwave Scarf Dyeing $ 14.95
4. Dyeing Kit w/ Procion MX $ 25.00
5. Procion H $ 25.00
6. ParoDraw w/ T-shirt $ 10.95

Consignment Sales

Our retail location downtown is always looking for good works of art to display and sell. Contact Dixon at the Dundas Street store if you are interested.


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