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G&S Liquid Colours


This is a liquid pigment colour that is fixed by ironing. Its primary use is to allow people to paint on silk without steam setting. The product leaves fabric still feeling pliable and unaffected. The product can also be used to air brush or painted onto different fabrics - natural or synthetic.
- Pastels are achieved using the Liquid Colour Diluent
- shake before using.



Please Note: Colours may appear differently on your monitor.




- Store in a cool dark place.


- set iron to low cotton setting (150C) and iron for 3 minutes.


- Do not wash item for 5 days after painting.
- To wash, use luke warm water with a bit of mild detergent (such as TNA soap) and rinse with a white vinegar and water solution.


- product is non-toxic and waterbased.
- Keep out of eyes and mouth and always supervise young children.
- MSDS available upon request.

Made in Canada by:

G&S Dye and Accessories Ltd.
300 Steelcase Rd. W., #19
Markham, ON L3R 2W2

Sizes & Prices:

 30 mL  120 mL  250 mL  1.0 L
Colours  $4.00  $8.00  $13.50  $40.00
Liquid Colours Starter Kit of 5 x 120mL Colours (LC00, LC10, LC33, LC40, LC70) $32.00
Liquid Colours Starter Kit of all 20 colours x30mL $60.00