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A wide range of information and instructional sheets are available on line. The following list will link you to the page that it can be found. We have quite a lot of techniques to show and teach. Feel free to email us if you do not see it on the following list. We just haven't had time to post it yet. We can now just send them to you by fax or email. If you require the hard copies, there is a token charge ($1-2) to cover printing and mailing costs. Remember to also check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" page

Procion 'MX' Dyes - dowload PDF file

Immersion Dyeing
Direct Application Tie Dye
Batik using MX dyes
Fabric Embelishment with Dyes
Dyeing to Quilt
(gradation and colour wheel dyeing) - NEW (PDF File)

Simply Black Dye - dowload PDF file

Procion 'H' Dye

Rita's Top Ten Silk Painting Tips
Microwave Scarf Painting
Screening Procion 'H' Dyes
Using and preparing G&S Resist (PDF file only)

Pre-Reduced Indigo

Acid Dyes

Immersion Dyeing (stove top and Machine)
Direct Painting

G&S Pigment Paints


Screen Printing - dowload PDF file

 Introduction  Preparing the Stencil  Printers
 Screen Print Materials  Coating the Emulsion  Pritning
 G&S Pigment System Paints  Exposing the Stencil  Stencil Removal / Screen Reclaiming
 Creating Artwork  Exposing Units / Methods  Trouble Shooting
 Mesh / Screen Preparation  Preparing for Printing  Iron On Transfers

supplimentary: How to coat and expose a screen?

Marbling on Fabric or Paper

Trouble Shooting

Heat Transfer on Fabric or Paper

How to Transfer by Hand Iron?
Applying Gold/Silver/Copper Foil with Plexi-Glue (PDF file or JPG image)

Setacolor Premium Fabric Paints

Sun Printing
Stencilling and Block Printing

Pebeo Products - PDF Files Only

Pebeo Soie


Pebeo Marbling
Setascrib +
Setasilk + Waterbased Gutta
Retayne / Raycafix:
How to Fix Commercially Dyed Cottons?
Printing directly onto Fabric treated with Raycafix

How to assemble cover Buttons and Broaches (PDF FILE only)

Electric Tjanting Tool (PDF File)