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Framing is an essential part when direct application is involved. An evenly taught suspension aids in one's ability to accurately design and work. Special suspension tools can help save time and frustrations as opposed to pining. By allowing the user to fully adjust the frame, it alleviates the need to build a separate frame for each size of work. This can be advantageous when one does a lot of custom work or clothing where sizes are specific to the piece. If one is working with a set size every time, building a fixed solid frame may be cheaper but the frame isnŐt calapseable.

Frame Sets


Four 22" length fixed length canvas stretcher arms plus one box of 100 Silk Pins.

Basic Set $27.50


Suspension Hooks

Three curved stainless brass pins mounted in lightweight plastic. The hooks are attached to the frame using 6" elastics. They provide an easy way to stretch lightweight fabrics for painting or batiking. A much quicker way to mount and dismount fabrics to your frame compared to using push pins or needle and thread. Allows one to paint right up to the edge of the fabrics since fabrics are stretched inside the frame.

Each $ 0.95
Box of 24 $17.50

Alligator Clips

These clips are great for suspending scarves without putting holes into them. This can be advantageous as hole marks are quite visible when using push pins. Attached to frame with long thin elastics.




Package of 6" elastics for clips or hooks.

Each $ 0.39


Silk Pins

Flat tacks for those who prefer to pin down their fabrics instead of suspending them with hooks or clips. Pinning is usually more taut.

Box of 100 pcs $17.50