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Clearance Items

From time to time, we'll have clearance items, close outs, discontinued items or items that are perfectly fine but mixed to an incorrect colour. This is the page to clear them out at great discounts. All clearance items are final sale.


Discontinued Sizes - NET Pricing each - limited supplies
12mm Crepe 8x54pt
12.5mm Crepe Satin 8x54pt



Procion MX Dyes - limited supply

Click to see prices and Color Chart

From time to time we have dye lot changes or mis colours (Perfectly good dye but the wrong colour for our permanent line). Colors with a number are really close to our existing line, ones without are off a lot more. Below is our existing stocks at a clearance price.

Colour Size


518 Marine Blue 500gm bags 2 32.50


 1.0L $55.00 Clearance $30.00 each



Remaining stock as of August 30 2016
Loutre 342 - 1.0L    
Lezard 324 - 3.0L Bronze 802 - 7.0L  
Vert Anglais 804 - 1.0L   Negrillon 410 - 1.0L
    Olive 451 - 2.0L


Setacolor - discontinued colours


Colour Size


Raw Sienna #25 Transparent 1.0L 1 27.50
Velvet Brown #14 Opaque 250mL 1 10.75
Vermillion #26 Transparent 1.0L 1 27.50
Velvet Brown #14 Opaque 1.0L 1 33.00
Bengal Pink #22 Opaque 1.0L 1 33.00