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Also known as soda ash, this is an activator for the Procion 'MX' Dye.

 60 gm  $1.50
 250 gm  $3.75
 500 gm  $5.75
 1.0 Kg  $9.75
 10.0 Kg  $75.00



It attracts moisture from the air and keeps the fabric damp longer so the dye will yield deeper shades (Procion 'MX'). It also increases saturation point for direct application. Also can be used instead of salt for silk painting to produce unique looks.

 200 gm  $3.00
 500 gm  $4.50
 1.0 Kg  $7.50
 8.0 Kg  $45.00



Use for surface applications of Procion 'MX' or Procion 'H' Dye to reduce migration in the steaming process. Essential for achieving very sharp edges on painted fabrics.

 50 gm  $3.00
 100 gm  $5.00
 250 gm  $9.95
 500 gm  $16.00
 1.0 Kg  $29.00



Alginate is a neutral thickening agent developed from seaweed and used in hand painting and silk screening for a hard edge desing. It is a powder mixed in the proportion of 5 Tbsp. to one litre of warm water. Blend well and set aside to set to a gelled consistency. Mix dye into the gum at a 1:1 ratio. Wash after steaming to remove crispness. Refrigerate mixture to prolong life.

 85 gm  $6.50
 200 gm  $12.00
 500 gm  $24.00
 1.0 Kg  $40.00



This is to replace plain salt for dyeing with Procion MX Dyes, expecially for Turquoise as it will greatly improve the colour yield.

 1.0 Kg  $3.25
 12.0 Kg  $28.50



Use with dyes or diluted paints to make swirling patterns. For maximum effect leave space between crystals. Apply to wet dye and allow the fabric to sag while drying for additional colour blending.

 250 gm  $2.50



Essential chemical in immersion dyeing with Procion 'MX' Dyes. Non-Iodized Salt opens the fibres up to let it accept dye during the immersion dyeing technique.

 500 gm  $1.75



Safe, concentrated (56%) acid to improve dyeing yield with Country Classic Dyes. One tablespoon is equivalent to 1 cup of vinegar.

 200 gm  $5.00
 500 gm  $10.00


G&S TNA SOAP (generic Synthrapol)

This product is a concentrated non-ionic soaping agent used in the initial and after wash. Removes sizing and is excellent for light coloured areas by preventing contact bleeding of excessive dye particles during the after wash. It also works as a wetting agent during dyeing. procsess. Similar to Synthrapol Soap.

 60 mL  $2.75
 120 mL  $3.75
 250 mL  $5.25
 500 mL  $7.75
 1.0 L  $11.00



Use to remove colour from natural fibres. With hot tap water, Thiourea Dioxide is an excellent colour reducer for re-dying. It may also be added to print pastes for discharge printing and is used for bleaching natural wools to obtain clear colours in subsequent dyeing. Chemicals required are sodium carbonate, lissapol ND soap and sodium alginate for discharge printing.

 100 gm  $5.95
 250 gm  $12.45
 500 gm  $24.00
 1.0 Kg  $40.00



For removing areas of colour from dyed natural fabrics

Directions: Apply to fabric with a brush. Thin with water if necessary for penetration into fabric. When paste is dry, iron with a steam iron on lowest steam setting. The more steam the better. Colour will leave the fabric at this stage. Wash or rinse fabric with water to return it to its natural softness. Discharge paste works well for dyes on natural fabrics. There are occasional fiber reactive colours which are not susceptible to colour removal. Test samples should be prepared prior to production runs.

Caution: A strong odour is given off during the steam ironing step. Contact with eyes and skin may cause irritation. Ingestion may result in gastric disturbances. Inhalation of vapours while ironing may result in respiratory irritation. Wear an approved organic vapour/mist respirator if necessary. Use in well ventilated area. Keep this product away from children. MSDS available on request

 250 mL  $ 10.00
 1.0 L  $30.00



Pure water softener (sodium hexametaphosphate). Use for immersion and direct applications. It neutralizes metallic ions in tap water that may interfere with the reaction of the dyes. It also improves the flow of print pastes.

 200gm  $3.25



Fixitive rinse for many dyed fabrics. A liquid chemical which eliminates
any further bleeding. Extremely useful helping fix stubborn dye
runoff for Procion MX & H dyed fabrics especially, but has worked to stop run off from countless other dyes from known and "unknown" sources.

Click for Raycafix instructions and more details on using Raycafix as a generic version of Bubble Jet Set ®

 120 mL


 500 mL  $18.00
1.0 L $31.00

Stoko brand Kresto Hand Cleaner (formerly Reduran)

Specialty hand cleanser for the removal of dyestuffs. Contains a reducing agent and all natural walnut shell scrubbers to remove dye from skin. Made in Germany.

100mL for $9.95.