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Brushes and Applicators

Synthetic Hair Brush | Applicators


Sheep Hair: For basic silk painting. Their low costs allow you to dedicate a brush for all or groups (light, medium, dark) of colours.

Extra Small 1.25
Medium $3.50
Large $5.25

Flat Sheep Hair Brush: Imitation Japanese Hake brushes. Ideal for backgrounds

 One Inch $3.45
Two Inch $5.15
Three Inch $7.35

Pony Hair #851: Western style brush. Very good feel and control for dyes.

 Size #4  $ 2.25
 Size #12  $ 3.35
 Size #18  $ 5.35



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Stencil Brush #827: Stiff round bristles with a wooden handle

 Size #4  $ 3.50
 Size #8  $ 4.25
 Size #12  $ 5.95

Foam Brush: Also a wide brush. These brushes are good for simple background washes.

 One Inch  $ 1.25
 Two Inch  $ 1.50
 Three Inch  $ 1.75

Fabric Painting Brush #8291: Western style flat brushes

 Size #8  $ 2.45
 Size #14  $ 3.95



Applicator Bottle With Metal Tip: Fifteen milliliter (15mL) bottle with pointed nozzle end. Threaded extended metal tip to screw onto the nozzle end. Available in 0.5mm, 0.7mm,& 0.9mm tips. These tips are easier to control than the basic applicator and basic tip and much finer.

Applicator w/ #5 tip $5.25
Applicator w/ # 7 or #9  $ 5.25


Basic Applicator Bottles & Tips: Thirty milliliter (30 mL) plastic bottle with pointed plastic top for wide resist lines. For finer lines add threaded brass tips that fit onto bottles. They are available in three sizes (#5, #7, #9).

 30mL bottles only  $ 1.75
 Tips (each)  $ 1.75


Indonesian Tjanting Tool: Copper reservoir & wooden handle. Comes with up to nine spouts (specify amount). Creates fine or wide lines depending on openings.

 One Spout  $ 7.50

 4-9 Spouts $ 7.50

French Tjanting Tool: High quality one hole tjanting tool . The weight and design give superior wax flow, heat retention and durability. One hole only.

 0.8mm diameter  $25.15


Electrical Tjanting Tool: The ultimate in convenience, speed and quality. The built in heating element assures continuous applications and eliminates the wax melting pot. You'll never understand why you didn't get one earlier. Download Instructions PDF file

 Each  $85.00