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Dyeing and Surface Design Books

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Complex Cloth by Jane Dunnewold -$54.99

Learn to create visual complexity and depth in fabric. Experiment with dyes, bleach, fabric paints, water-based resists, photocopy transfers, foiling, silk screening, stenciling, stamping, embroidery and beading to create your own sumptuous fabrics. Complex Cloth is a great resource for a wealth of surface design techniques.

Imagery On Fabric - $43.95

This completely revised edition of Imagery on Fabric is updated with all the latest techniques and technology for transferring images to fabric. You'll go step-by-step through today's most exciting processes, aided by new full-colour photos and instructions for safely accomplishing beautiful results.

Topics; Fabric transfers using copiers and computer printers, light sensitive printing - blueprint, brownprint, drawing and painting with crayons, dye sticks permanent markers and paints, stamp printing, discharge printing, silk screening and dye transfers with disperse dyes.

Shiborri: Creating Color and Texture on Silk by Karren K. Brito
Karren demonstrates her rendition of American shibori, sharing her authoritative knowledge of silk, dyes, dyeing and discharge. She reveals how to formulate colours, create a variety of resists and set textures. This beautifully designed and illustrated book provides a thorough understanding of each step in the shibori process and the information needed to execute original designs. $38.95


Shibori: The art of fabric tying, folding, pleating and dyeing:. $19.95

Shibori is the Japanese word for a variety of ways of ebellishing fabrics by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. A much simpler book than the "out of print" Shibori The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist (by Wada, Rice & Barton), but still very informative with great colour photos.


Color on Paper and Fabric A Wealth of Techniques For Applying Color by Ruth Issett - 112 pages - $29.95

The rich surface patterns and finishes shown in Color on Paper and Fabric are created with the most accessible of materials and techniques. Using dyes, ink, paints and metallic powders from the local art supply store - as well as papers and fabrics you may already have on hand - author Ruth Issett shows how to create gorgeous effects for note cards, scrapbooks, journals, quilts, clothing and furnishings.

Dyes And Paints
by Elin Noble - $54.95

This comprehensive handbook covers all the fundamentals of dyeing and colouring fabric with Procion MX fiber-reactive dyes and with textile paints. Many of the techniques can also be adapted for yarn, ribbon, paper, basket reed and even wood. Another kaleidoscope of dyeing techniques, but I think Elin's strength in using Procion MX dyes is demonstrated, as the majority of this book deals with different uses with dyes.

Hands On Dyeing by Betsy Blumentahl and Kathryn Kreider - $25.95

A good reference book for those who dye a multitude of different fabrics. It covers many dyeing techniques for all natural fibres.


Craft Of Natural Dyeing, by Jenny Dean - $20.60

Expert dyer Jenny Dean shows you how to dye at home, using simple equipment. There is helpful advice on the mordanting process that will fix the colours, guidance on light-fastness, plus instructions on how to use traditional dye stuffs such as woad, indigo, weld and madder. A little less information than Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing, but the colour photographs make this a much more useful beginner book.