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Silk Painting Books

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Silk Painting: Gutta and Wax Resist Techniques by: Susan Louise Moyer $42.95

This highly acclaimed book begins with the basics and helps you progress to the more intermediate and advanced techniques. Demonstrations, special tips, information about materials, will help you improve your skills. 144 pages, full colour. This book has been of print for over a year, but we have found a limited source - one of the best silk painting books EVER! Get them while you can.

Silk Painting For Fashion And Fine Art - by: Susan Louise Moyer; $42.95
This book contains nearly 200 full colour illustrations and goes beyond the basics. It features the work of over 30 professional silk painters and demonstrates the diverse techniques they use to create unique statements in fashions and fine art. 144 pages, full colour.


A Complete Guide to Silk Painting by Susanne Hahn - $24.95

This is one of the better Silk Painting books available. Although dated in it's pictures, the writing and techniques taught are very helpful and still timeless. All the techniques about blending, design and painting are covered.