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Complex Cloth $54.95
by Jane Dunnewold

Learn to create visual complexity and depth in fabric. Experiment with dyes, bleach, fabric paints, water-based resists, photocopy transfers, foiling, silk screening, stenciling, stamping, embroidery and beading to create your own sumptuous fabrics. Complex Cloth is a great resource for a wealth of surface design techniques.

Dyes And Paints
by Elin Noble - $54.95

This comprehensive handbook covers all the fundamentals of dyeing and colouring fabric with Procion MX fiber-reactive dyes and with textile paints. Many of the techniques can also be adapted for yarn, ribbon, paper, basket reed and even wood. Another kaleidoscope of dyeing techniques, but I think Elin's strength in using Procion MX dyes is demonstrated, as the majority of this book deals with different uses with dyes.


Mickey Lawler's SKY DYES: $39.95

Quilters and fiber artists know Mickey Lawler's SKYDYES as the finest individually hand-painter cotton fabrics available. Now you can learn Mickey's techniques and create your own unique sky, sea and garden fabrics!


Imagery On Fabric - $43.95

This completely revised edition of Imagery on Fabric is updated with all the latest techniques and technology for transferring images to fabric. You'll go step-by-step through today's most exciting processes, aided by new full-colour photos and instructions for safely accomplishing beautiful results.

Almost any image can be captured forever on fabric - family photos, a child's drawing, the words of a love letter. Included are clear explanations and complete material lists, along with troubleshooting tips and tested solutions.

Topics; Fabric transfers using copiers and computer printers, light sensitive printing - blueprint, brownprint, drawing and painting with crayons, dye sticks permanent markers and paints, stamp printing, discharge printing, silk screening and dye transfers with disperse dyes.