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In silk painting, a resist is applied to the fabric to form an enclosed boundary to contain the spread of the liquid colours. The lines of the resist outline the design and separate the colours, creating a stained glass effect. Resists are usually applied through special applicators to make fine lines (see Brushes & Applicators) but they also may be painted, splattered or screened.

Wax is applied to the fabric in a hot liquid state using brushes or tjanting tools (see Brushes & Applicators). Wax is the basis of design structure in batik and Japanese wax resist, but it may be used for many other effects. Each type of wax has different characteristics of penetration, adherence and crackle. Waxes are usually mixed to achieve desired results. Melt low temperature waxes in a double boiler, high temperature waxes must be melted in temperature controlled electric frying pan or deep fat fryer. USE IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA WHEN HANDLING HOT WAX.


G&S Waterbased Resist

The G&S Water Based Resist serves as a non-toxic, water soluble resist to form the boundary lines used in hand painting fabrics. The Clear Resist washes away easily after setting during the initial wash.

Information Sheets Available: how to prepare Clear Resist and use with applicator? (PDF File)

Colour 100mL 200mL 900mL
Clear $7.95 $12.95 $40.00


Pebeo Waterbased Gutta (For other Pebeo Products)

The line of waterbased guttas offers pearl and brilliant colours. Made of pigments and heat fixable resins, the colours soak through the fibre of the fabric without spreading. Freshly applied or dried, the guttas are easy to work with. Once fixed by ironing, guttas permanent. Colourless gutta disappear in water.


20mL tube
  250mL jar
$19.95 (colorless ONLY)

  # Colour   # Colour
  01 Colourless   02 Pearl White
  03 Pearl Gold   10 Pearl Copper
  11 Pearl Silver   12 Pearl Black


Setacolor Shimmer (For other Pebeo Products)

Setacolor shimmers can be used as a resist on lighter weight fabrics. They are used similar to the Pebeo Waterbased Guttas (see above). Pebeo has discontinued a few colours now. Please inquire about availability.

  45 mL $6.95   250 mL $26.00   1 Litre $75.00

  # Colour   # Colour
  44 Pearl   45 Gold
  60 Silver   47 Light Copper


Bees Wax

Flexible and tacky, bees wax provides tenacity for the wax to adhere to the fabric. Beeswax is resistant to the corroding action of sodium carbonate and salt used with Procion MX dyes. May be applied alone for a complete resist or up to a 1 to 1 ratio with paraffin wax for batik crackle effects. Loaf is about 1 lb (453gm). WARNING: Do no overheat bees wax as toxic fumes will be produced. When you observe the wax smoking, avoid inhaling the smoke immediately turn off the heat source before removing the container of wax from heat.

  Approx 1lb Loaf $12.00

Soy Wax

A safe alternative to traditional batik wax (bees & parrafin wax blend). Easy to remove with soap and water.

  1lb Package $9.00

Parrafin Wax

The paraffin wax is quite brittle causing the wax to cracked when stressed. This creates the unique cracked patterns when dye is applied. A package is about 1.0 lb (453gm). Mix 2 parts bees with 1 part Parrafin for a good batik wax.

  1lb Package $9.00